Here comes the Boogeyman: Geert Wilders will visit Australia next month!

The state run propaganda machine squeaketh:

Anti-Islam campaigner to visit Aust

Skynews & the Australian run the same text:

Controversial anti-Islam campaigner,  Geert Wilders, will visit Australia next month.

The right-wing Dutch MP was due to visit in October last year but was forced to postpone because the Federal Government took its time deciding whether to approve his visa.

(The Federal Government deliberately delayed his visa.)

Tour organisers Q Society – a group concerned about the so-called ‘Islamisation of Australia’ – have now announced Mr Wilders will speak in February, in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

‘The Australian experiment of multiculturalism is failing in relation to Islam, just as it has failed everywhere else,’ the group says on the event website.

‘Australians are being misled to believe Islam is ‘just another religion’ – when it is in fact much more.’

Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, has condemned the MP’s extremist views but ultimately decided not to use his ministerial discretion to block his visa.

(“Extremist views?” How come these cretins never tell us what exactly is “extremist” about telling the truth about Islam?)

‘I’ve taken the view, in the end, that I didn’t want to make him a cause celebre,’ he said in October.

‘I think probably what he would like me to do is refuse his visa so he can make a hero of himself and get his cause more attention.’

(Geert Wilders is a patriot and a hero. Chris Bowen is a sellout and a  coward.  Geert Wilders has more  courage than the whole sorry lot of Australian parliamentarians combined. The dhimmi gunsel Chris Bowen  is  a craven little lackey for the sharia finance racket.)

Mr Wilders, founder of the fourth-largest political party in the Netherlands, told a UK newspaper in 2009: ‘I don’t hate Muslims. I hate their book and their ideology.’

Australia’s Muslim population is about half a million people, out of a total population of 22 million.

That’s a lie. We had that many Muslims almost 10 years ago and we now have over a million. Why is this abject failure of a government so desperately trying to deceive the people of Australia?

8 thoughts on “Here comes the Boogeyman: Geert Wilders will visit Australia next month!”

  1. If Chris Bowen, favorite lap dog of Julia Gillard, attempted high jump, he would not reach the ankles of a man like Geert Wilders.

    And that goes for nearly all of this extreme left Greens/left-populist Labour/propagandist ABC rabble that are forming the Australian Government at the moment.

  2. Pssst, Sheik, dont you have a nicer photo of Geert Wilders? This one I would expect to be used by the Fairfax press and assorted islamophiles.

  3. @kaw,

    Remember, a disadvantage is how they like to capture/assualt/attack, their enemies.

    These cockroaches will never ever, face an enemy fair and square, in this manner of cowardice by going after unarmed civilians, they can beat their chests and pretend that they are the progeny of Saladin, for just a bit longer.

    …but, time is running out, it is just a matter of time now, we will no longer have both our hands bound by the pathetic PC/multiculti brigade.

  4. “Australia’s Muslim population is about half a million people, out of a total population of 22 million” ~ half a million to many!

  5. I saw Geert when he came to Ottawa last year. He’s a good speaker but he will be surrounded by retarded local policemen. Just a head’s up – they will be busy profiling his audience (i.e: YOU) while they’re there, too, and reporting back to HQ about all you “Potential Extremist Subversive Types” (PESTS).

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