How did so many Western analysts get Egypt’s Islamist movement so wrong?

Because they don’t read WoJ, that’s why.

But seriously, I don’t think they did get it wrong. This  mess was an Obama-Clinton  conspiracy.  Cooked up with a complicit media,   guilty as sin  and derelict in their duty to question and to inform.

“They’re democrats.”

It was also based on what typically sympathetic Western researchers heard from Muslim Brotherhood leaders, and what I heard as well. “Democracy is shura,” Brotherhood Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat al-Shater told me during a March 2011 interview, referring to the Islamic jurisprudential tool of “consultation.” The implication was that the Brotherhood accepted a political system that encouraged open debate.


Hillary Clinton out of touch on Egypt: “We must make sure the revolution isn’t hijacked by extremists”

Is there anything more ‘extremist’ than the Muslim Brotherhood? Shrillary must be living in cloud cuckoo land.

We have seen a government come to power that has arrogated for itself dictatorial powers and inspired massive protests in Egypt. It has set in motion the Sharia’s institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims. The President has been revealed as making numerous vile antisemitic statements and declaring that there should be no negotiations with Israel. And she is worried that the “revolution” might be “hijacked by extremists”? What does she think Morsi and his gang are?

“Hillary Clinton on Egypt: ‘We Must Make Sure the Revolution Isn’t Hijacked By Extremists,’” from Fox News, January 29

Simple: for Shrillary, “extremists” are those who oppose Islam.  Would it surprise you if Huma Abedin made her a Muslim? No, she doesn’t have to wear hijab for that; just like the Obamster doesn’t need to wear a coffee-filter on his head and pray 5 times a day. The ends justify the means.

Yet since the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Mohamed Morsy, was elected president in June, the exact opposite has been true. The Brotherhood’s only real “consultation” has been with the Egyptian military, which the Brotherhood persuaded to leave power by ceding substantial autonomy to it under the new constitution. Among other undemocratic provisions, this backroom deal yielded constitutional protection for the military’s separate court system, under which civilians can be prosecuted for the vague crime of “damaging the armed forces.”

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood has embraced many of the Mubarak regime’s autocratic excesses: Editors who are critical of the Brotherhood have lost their jobs, and more journalists have beenprosecuted for insulting the president during Morsy’s six months in office than during Mubarak’s 30-year reign. And much as Mubarak’s ruling party once did, the Brotherhood is using its newfound access to state resources as a political tool: It reportedly received below-market food commodities from the Ministry of Supply and Social Affairs, which it is redistributing to drum up votes in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

The Brotherhood’s most blatantly undemocratic act, however, was Morsy’s Nov. 22 “constitutional declaration,” through which he placed his presidential edicts above judicial scrutiny and asserted the far-reaching power to “take the necessary actions and measures to protect the country and the goals of the revolution.” When this power grab catalyzed mass protests, Morsy responded by ramming a new constitution through the Islamist-dominated Constituent Assembly, and the Brotherhood later mobilized its cadres to attack the anti-Morsy protesters, and subsequently extract confessions from their captured fellow citizens. So much for promises of “consultation.”

As the Brotherhood’s first year in power has demonstrated, elections do not, by themselves, yield a democracy. Democratic values of inclusion are also vital. And the Muslim Brotherhood — which has deployed violence against protesters, prosecuted its critics, and leveraged state resources for its own political gain — clearly lacks these values.

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  1. They did not get the data wrong, the analysts just wanted to keep there government jobs. Thus, figuring out which way the (Jihadi) winds blow skewed the data to fit the current desired narrative.

    Who cares if people died, they know they are safe in DC.

  2. My G_d, they really look like baboons! Certainly not human. It must be all that 1,400 years of inbreeding mixed with islamist dogma. Frankly, I don’t see a way out for us. But here’s hoping!

  3. Why? No one is paying attention to the patterns. As my good friend Roneet said, “No one cares.”
    It will be ugly when we wake up.

  4. clinton? does no one remember what he did in the balkans?
    with the assistance of, amongst others, the iranians,with whom he organised the transfer of weaponry and ammo to the albanian muslim
    narco child sex slave pornomerchants and probable human organ thieves and murderers that are all still thriving and desecrating and wrecking every thing not muslim that they can lay their hands on in kosovo, and every where else that he helped them to invade and seize, they’re all working for the bastard sauds and obama doesn’t have an original thought in his head,except perhaps “yo!made it !!rich beyond my wildest dreams!!!” that goes for the despicable clintons as well….
    either that, or their really IS a fuckin devil.

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