Iran Calls For Global Muslim Army

Iran Calls For Global Muslim Army

(Pat Dollard)

“We have proposed the establishment of a military organization comprising Muslim countries’ armed forces in order to defend the rights of the oppressed people” including Palestinians, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi was quoted as saying.

Ahmadinejad: Prime goal of Muslims should be “terminating the issue of Zionism”

In other words, Muslims should focus on bringing about another genocide of the Jews. And Ahmadinejad emphasized that Muslims should follow “the guidelines” of Muhammad. Somehow Iran’s Thug-In-Chief seems to have misunderstood the Islamic prophet’s peaceful, Gandhi-like teachings.

“Ahmadinejad: Muslims should mobilize resources to uproot Zionism,” from the Islamic Republic News Agency, January 27 (thanks to JW):

Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that all Muslims should mobilize their resources to uproot Zionism.

Israeli source confirms Iran nuke plant exploded

Good news: “Israeli Source Confirms Iran’s Fordow Nuclear Plant Exploded,” by Chana Ya’ar for Israel National News, January 28 (thanks to Voice of the Copts):

An Israeli intelligence source has confirmed Iran’s Fordow underground nuclear uranium enrichment facility sustained major damage in a “mega explosion” that occurred last week.Fordow, which contains at least 2,700 centrifuges for uranium enrichment, is located deep beneath a mountain near the Iranian city of Qom.

Some 200 workers were trapped inside the facility at the time, according to a report published Monday by The Times, a UK-based newspaper.


Iran sentences U.S. pastor to eight years prison for threatening Iran’s “national security” by leading Christian house churches

What a brittle, frightened, insecure culture. “Iran sentences American pastor Saeed Abedini to 8 years in prison,” from FoxNews, January 27

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  1. Thanks Sheik, now I have the (true) image of “Ahmadinejad burned into my memory and now I won’t be able to see him any other way.

    Of course they would want a Islamic global army. Most cowards want someone else to hide behind.

  2. The coward communist (support of Mao in his student time, “The markets are impatient, democray is too slow) & EUSSR chief Barroso wants now also an EuropeanPOLICE & ARMY!

    Good bye, to the sovereignty of e.g. Germany

  3. @Stephanie,

    – January 29, 2013 at 7:19 pm/ “Heil Hitler, Heil Muhammad … ‘Just Issue orders TO KILL every Jew in the country.’ Bukhari Book 1, Number 6”

    The Jews today, and you and I tomorrow. Yeah, we know how that story ends, we seen it all before!

    and…. January 29, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    “Good bye, to the sovereignty of e.g. Germany ”

    IMHO, the Germans should fight this, because when it all goes kaputt and it will. The Germans will be left taking the blame for all the failures of EUSSR, not Spain, home of Barroso. Nor will it be the Belgians or the French.

    It will be the Germans.


    The EC chief even claimed that the EU should have its own military force which would be able to intervene in conflicts ‘when needed.’

    Needless to mention that members of the EU parliament have collectively indemnified themselves from responsibility from any consequences and repercussions resulting in the destruction of Europe’s nation states.

    Barroso, to be sure, is a life long Maoist.

    All the top dogs of the EU are Marxist totalitarians.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said that he has “completely underestimated the complete fanaticism Barroso, the European Commission and the ECB had to drive the nation states out of existence.

  5. “The EC chief even claimed that the EU should have its own military force which would be able to intervene in conflicts ‘when needed.’”

    –Like when Obama invites EU military into America to “intervene” against the subversive bitter clingers?

    Western Neo-Communist are dangerous for the rest of us.

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