Iranian Jew murdered in Tehran

Sounds like a honeytrap,   almost like the case of Ilan Halimi.


Iranian Jew is murdered, investigators tell suspect: “If you were involved in killing a Jew, you did a good deed”

The woman whom Magrufta was dating was reportedly arrested on suspicion of being responsible for the murder but was released without being indicted. Members of the Jewish community in Iran told Channel 2 News that the investigators reportedly told the woman that “if you were involved in killing a Jew, you did a good deed.”…

The current Iranian government census reports that there are still 8,756 Jews left in the country. In 2009, there were 25,000 Jews across the country; in Isfahan, Iran’s third-largest city, there were 1,200.

Israel Matzav:

An Iranian Jew has been found murdered and the local Jewish community is fuming.

A 24-year-old Iranian Jew, who was part of one of the wealthiest Jewish families in the Iranian Jewish community, was murdered last week as reported by Israeli Channel 2. The Iranian Jewish community is fuming.

His name was Daniel Magrufta, the son of a well-known businessman. He was dating the the non-Jewish daughter of a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Channel 2 reported that Jewish community suspects that she was involved in the murder, but she was released without any charges being brought against her.

When you play with fire, sometimes you get burnt.