“It has to stop”

Rob Ford is a Lecturer in Politics  at the Institute for Social Change at Manchester University, where he worries about  “populist radical right parties” and “organised, populist Euroscepticism”.

Eager to prove that Islam is indeed the religion of  far left professors, he jumps on his fav hobbyhorse and rocks it for all the manure  the New Statesman can produce, in the form of the muselmanic narrative. Ford is literally frothing at the mouth about this article here:

KAVANAGH: Yes Africa is a terror hotbed…but fanatics are here too

“This kind of evidence-free, stereotype-laden assault on the British Muslim community has got to stop. In an era when all the relevant evidence is available at the click of a mouse, it is not acceptable for a senior journalist at the nation’s most read paper to make demonstrably false claims about one of its largest minority communities. Kavanagh’s article is irresponsible rabble-rousing of the worst kind. What a shame he didn’t think to talk to his more informed colleagues from the Olympics press-pack before launching into this ugly tirade. “

Knee-jerk Islamophobia: why Trevor Kavanagh is wrong about British Muslims

Trevor Kavanagh is not wrong. He’s seen the writing on the wall. For some reason, it seems to elude leftist professors.

4 thoughts on ““It has to stop””

  1. Re. algerian terrorists attack

    Algerian prime minister reports the kidnappers had crossed into the country from northern Mali, and that they were from Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Canada and Mauritania.

    CANADA!! Yes – at least two of the muslim murderers came for Canada!!!

    And many UK muslim are fighting against the UK in Afghanistan.

  2. Typical leftarded critical-thinking logical fallacy fave, the Argumentum Tu Quoque:

    As if, by merely comparing and contrasting multiple wrongs, would somehow miraculously turn one or more of them into a right!

    Liberalsim is a mental disease, where they have’t even “progressed” beyond the immorally relativistic assertion that Yes, Two Wrongs Do Make a Right! Pathetic.

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