Malaysia: “persecuted Rohingya” (Bangladeshi Muslims) rape and cut the throats of 3 Buddhists

Type  “Rohingya, most persecuted” in your browser and you get about 735,000 results in (0.26 seconds) One could almost get the idea that somebody has a vested interest here. In recent months, just about every Muslim organisation in the world called on Burma to give the “Rohingya people their rights”, but much to their chagrin the Buddhists are not bending over. The Buddhists are well aware that the “Rohingya” are an invented people. They are  illegal Bangladeshi invaders, and giving them “their rights” would mean the Buddhists would end up with none in their own country.

Killing of Yakhine Buddhists in Malaysia

Islamic  terrorists are busy killing Burmese nationals working abroad;  like this brutal killing of two Yakhine Buddhists living in Islamic Malaysia last July.

Now this:

MALAYSIA: Three Buddhist workers  savagely tortured, raped … (Barenaked)

Three Buddhist-Yakhine men working as tappers in a rubber plantation near the town of Alor Setar in Malaysia were brutally killed during the night of December 28. The fourth man managed to flee from the Muslim attackers while they were trying to tie him down with ropes.

 Hlaoo1980 “Yesterday at about 11 in the night of December 28 about 15 Bengali Muslims – we know they are illegals from Burma and working here in Malaysia – took three Yakhines onto the nearby hill and raped them. And later they murdered them by cutting their throats. Today December 29, at about 9:30 we discovered their bodies on the top of that hill. These three faced most ugly deaths,” said Maung Than Hlaing to the Narinjara.

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Tundra Tabloids  Oh, and we have to remember that Malaysia is the country that the apologists  label as the showcase Muslim state of moderation and of tolerance. It’s anything but, and any tolerance and normalcy it once exhibited, it gained from outside non-Islamic sources. Now it’s in the Islamization process and the true nature begins to shine through.

The demand for buildings to resemble Islamic structures, will make it that much more easier to take them over, once they’ve finished driving the Buddhists completely out of course.

WARNING: Graphic, disturbing images