Mali, a “Zionist Crusade”

Ah, this is good:

French Crying Broke…Want Money From Canada For Mali Adventure

Are they running out of white flags already?

French soldiers prepare to depart for Bamako, the capital from Mali, at Kossei camp in N’Djamena, Chad, Jan. 11, 2013

“Ambassador Philippe Zeller told The Canadian Press his country is grateful for Canada’s contribution of a military transport plane to the Mali mission, but says money is needed to support the international force, which will eventually be buttressed by 2,500 French troops.”– BCF

Al Qaeda’s Mali Operations Could Ignite a Broader Jihad

There’s a jihad going on for 1400 years already. Think it could get any ‘broader?’

Al Qaeda is very much alive, and in few places are its ranks swelling more quickly than Mali.  (Buck Sexton Read More »)

Moroccan headbangers condemn ” Zionist crusade”

Muslim leaders condemn French war in Mali as “Zionist crusade”

They’re going to give Mali to Israel? Who knew? “Moroccan Salafis condemn French war in Mali as ‘Zionist crusade,’” from AFP, January 17:

Salafist leaders in Morocco have condemned the French military intervention in Mali, calling it a “Zionist crusade” and labelling all Muslims who participate in it “ungodly.”

Mali’s Got Gold!

Next target in Mali is poverty, long-term ally of terrorists

Sure thing. Nothing Bono & the Klintoons can’t fix with Money from the UN, the world bank taxpayers.

For historical but also geographic reasons, France considers the Malian crisis one of its top external priorities. Facing the risk of seeing the town of Mopti captured by jihadists, French President François Hollande has ordered the French military to intervene in the Sahelian country.

More Islam needed:

Guinea-Bissau Muslims call for help to teach Islam

… “Poverty and ignorance is high among the new members of Islam in Guinea-Bissau. We need organizations that could teach Islam to such individuals and teach how to read the Holy Quran and Arabic to their children,” Abdullah stated. …  More bondage and ignorance at World Bulletin  (Mullah)


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  1. Best thing that could have happened! The headbanger brigade is now going to call on the associates in France to do some local murder and mayhem, they will do their very best to impress their bosses and go way overboard and then perhaps France will wake up. And it will no longer be disaffected “youths” but Muslim terrorists. They may perhaps even then be treated as such.

  2. Those islamic notables are right, I think. They are the one and only that comprehend the strog bond that unifies christianity with judaism. At least, they are theologically correct. The western media should learn from them.

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