Mustard Profit of Equality

Ahmadiyya BS from , who believes the profit of Islam was some kind of “activist”

Prophet Muhammad: An activist for equality

…..a period which was called “The Age of Ignorance” or Jahillya in Arabic. There was much enmity and hatred among the various tribes of the land and feuding to settle differences was the norm. Women had no rights and infant girls were regularly murdered as they were considered to be of no use and rather a burden to the family. The rich owned slaves who were treated worse than animals. The poor and the orphans were neglected and the rich became richer. In this age of darkness, a prophet was raised by God whose mission was to bring about a revolution in the land of Arabia. The man was Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) and in a span of twenty-three years, he was able to unite the warring tribes of Arabia, raise the status of women, restore the dignity of life, bring social justice to the nation, and above all purify the land of the false idols and re-establish the unity of God.

 Reality check:

Male-Female Equality Against Nature, Says Sunni Scholar  — obviously, Shahina Bashir is not a scholar and as a lowly female ‘deficient in intelligence’, so we shouldn’t pay any attention to her blather.

Muhammad was a genocidal lunatic who killed everyone who opposed him. He murdered and expelled all the Jewish tribes of Arabia after robbing them of their wealth and enslaved their women and children. Women had far more rights before Muhammad crawled out of his cave imagining  Gibreel had whispered in his ear.. The best example for pre-Islamic women’s equality  is Kadija, Muhammad’s first wife. Kadija was an independent business women who employed Muhammad as a goat herder and camel driver. When Muhammad became rich, he owned slaves and treated them worse than animals. Muhammad  and his companions became rich by robbing others of their wealth. He threatened everyone with hellfire and death who wouldn’t support him and he never  bothered   to raise the status of women. He never knew what “social justice” meant and yes, he engaged in ethnic cleansing. That’s very different  from  re-establishing the unity of God.

Khalifa of Islam calls for peace (under Islam) at the European Parliament (where Geert Wilders is not allowed to speak)