Muttawa (religious police) enforcing Islamic law in Londonistan: update!

Tim Blair:

As Kofi Annan might put it, London is adjusting to its Muslim population:

LONDONERS are reportedly being terrorised by a gang of hooded men who confiscate booze and order women to cover up in Muslim neighbourhoods.

Police launched an investigation into the group, who call themselves Muslim Patrol, after footage emerged showing the men in vigilante mode, the Daily Mail reports.

After being exposed, The “Muslim Council of Britain” went into damage control mode and condemned the Muttawa:

The Muslim Council of Britain has condemned the group.

The Muslim spokesturd in the vid claims that the sharia applies to Muslims only. That’s a lie.

Informed WoJ readers are fully aware that the MCB regularly issues  statements  which they claim are “condemnations of all acts of terrorism”. These acts of denial are attempts to whitewash Islamic transgressions  and are not worth the paper they are written on. By “all acts of terrorism” they mean  resistance to jihad, which in their view is state terrorism against muslims, which justifies jihad against infidels.

Youtube has since removed the original video.

In one scene the men are heard calling white women ‘’naked animals with no self-respect’’.

In another scene, the men snatch alcohol from people in the street saying it’s ‘’evil’’ …

The most recent video was uploaded on Sunday.

Shot on a mobile phone, the latest footage shows a number of men shouting ‘’this is a Muslim area’’ towards white Britons.

Have a laugh: Muslims want to go to the moon but they can’t because of “occupation”

A Palestinian musician is blaming the U.S. and Israel for the fact that the Palestinians have not yet been able to send a man to the moon.

“Of course we want to go to the moon, but we cannot do it with the occupation. And who’s responsible for the occupation as well? America, the USA. They are sponsoring billions of dollars every year to make us dig under tunnels. I didn’t like it, and it was a sad song at the beginning. How come we are digging tunnels and they are reaching outer space?

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  1. As an ex- resident of London, this story makes me more than angry. It makes me angry because it is happening at all. It also makes me ashamed to be British to see people complying with these bastards.

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