New Year, same old jihad in all the old familiar places…..

The late southern Sudanese leader John Garang, in 1999, posed the following dual-part existential question for our era:

Is the call for jihad against a particular people a religious right of those calling for it, or is it a human rights violation against the people upon whom jihad is declared and waged?

If we question our G-d given  right of self-defence and self-preservation we have lost the plot.

I predicted that Philippino Christians will pay  in blood for many years to come for giving in to muselmanic demands to establish a jihad statelet. I wasn’t wrong:

Philippines: Muslims injure seven people with bus bomb

Maybe the people on the bus had put up “Islamophobic” ads. “Bus bomb injures 7 in southern Philippines,” from the Associated Press, December 30 (thanks to JW):

ISULAN, Philippines — A powerful bomb exploded in a passenger bus and wounded at least seven people in the southern Philippines in an attack by suspected extortion gangs, police said Sunday.

Indonesia: Nail bomb at church causes panic at Christmas mass

Will the Islamophobia never end? “Catholic church receives bomb threat post Christmas,” by Apriadi Gunawan for The Jakarta Post, December 30 (thanks to JW)

Nigeria: Muslims murder 22 in jihad attacks, force Christians to convert to Islam on pain of death

The moral inversion of those who do not criticize and condemn this, but rather focus their ire upon those who call attention to it and its motivating ideology, is nothing short of monstrous. “22 killed in three attacks in Nigeria,” by Nana Karikari-apau for CNN, December 30 (thanks to David):

(CNN) — At least 22 people have been killed in three separate attacks in northeastern Nigeria since Friday, including 15 Christians shot Sunday inside a church, according to officials.

Libya: Muslims bomb church, murder two

And yet there are people in the world who focus their moral indignation not on the perpetrators of acts such as these, but on those who dare to call attention to them and to the ideology that inspires them. This is a monstrous moral evil. It must not prevail.

Libya church blast kills two Egyptians: embassy,” from AFP, December 30

Iraq: Muslims murder fifteen, wound 24 in series of jihad bombings

Sunni-Shia and anti-regime jihad bombings. “15 People Killed in Blasts in North, Central Iraq” from the Associated Press, December 31

Pakistan: Islamophobes murder 40 in mass execution — no, wait…

Actually, all of these murders were carried out by Muslims who believed that by killing their victims they were obeying the commands of Allah as conveyed in the Qur’an. But don’t you dare explore the ideology and belief system of those who perpetrated these murders. To do so would be “Islamophobic,” and would make you worse than the murderers themselves.

More on these two stories.

“Pakistan militants kill 40 in mass execution, attack on Shiites,” from NBC News, via JW.

3 thoughts on “New Year, same old jihad in all the old familiar places…..”

  1. Re John Garang’s question, I have another one: if a government (such as the new South Sudan’s) guarantees freedom of religion, but one of the religions it grants such freedom to exist doesn’t allow freedom of religion for its members, then is the State able to boast that it does indeed guarantee freeodom of religion? No, of course not.

  2. Islam is NOT a religion at all (much less one “of peace!”) It’s only an extortion-racket CRIME-syndicate, which blames “god” for their own propensity to commit crimes!

    Re: “The moral inversion of those who do not criticize and condemn this, but rather focus their ire upon those who call attention to it and its motivating ideology, is nothing short of monstrous.”

    Perfectly put!


    “The idea that one is in control of one’s own reactions and bears sole responsibility for them is increasingly lost in the face of the Islamic supremacist onslaught against the freedom of speech.”

    That’s also a favored backwards Libertine (“Liberal”) meme – that it should be illegal to accuse any criminals of their crimes, if doing so might hurt the criminal’s feelings, and so “make” them commit even more crimes!

    These Libertines’ perpetual lies – even if they don’t succeed – are still criminal frauds; attempted thefts of the Truth! And even attempted crimes, are still crimes! Arrest these criminal traitors!

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