No one cares….

…except Max Blumenthal:

 Max Blumenthal lies, again

This all just goes to prove, yet again, that the Israel-haters care not one whit about telling the truth.

12 killed in airstrike on Pal- Arab camp – and no one reports it  (EoZ)

Fierce fighting rages across Syria

Battles follow reported massacre in Homs and attack on a university in Aleppo, which together left at least 200 dead.

From Radio Sawa:

11 people were killed, including seven children and three women, on Thursday in an air strike that targeted a Palestinian refugee camp near Husseiniya of Sayeda Zeinab south of Damascus.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the warplanes targeted the camp with three missiles.

UNRWA says 12 Palestinian Arabs were killed.

Good luck finding any major Western media reporting this. The value of Palestinian Arab lives is directly proportional to the involvement of Jews in their deaths.

By the way, the International Solidarity Movement is completely silent on the 900 Palestinians killed in Syria so far. Their “solidarity” is quite selective, apparently.

Angela Merkel’s Cypriot Headache

2 thoughts on “No one cares….”

  1. “…By the way, the International Solidarity Movement is completely silent on the 900 Palestinians killed in Syria so far…”

    They probably APPROVED, as they seem to approve pedophilia, stoning, hanging of homosexuals, openly declared genocide of the jewish people etc. if committed by their “friends”. (To say nothing is to say YES).

  2. Just more enemedia manipulation & distraction – it sorta goes like this:

    A guy walks into a bar in Argentina. He sees a familiar character, albeit much older now, sitting at the bar. He approaches, examines his face, and asks:

    “Excuse me, but aren’t you Adolf Hitler?”

    “Vy yes, I am Adolf Hitler.”

    “But I thought you were dead!”

    “Ach. I get a lot of dat. But in fact, I am chust biding my time, planning a scheme to kill fifty million Jews and eight of der Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.”

    “What?” the guy exclaims. “Why would you want to kill eight of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?”

    Hitler turns to another fellow sitting at the bar next to him. “You see vat I mean? Nobody gives a damn about da Jews!!!”

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