Noble savages (claim they are) ripped off in detention

Ripped off in detention


ASYLUM seekers say they have lost thousands of dollars, electronic goods and other possessions while in detention in Darwin

Iranian Iraj Taghizadeh said Serco security staff took $1200, an Italian razor, laptop and camera from him and placed them in an unmarked blue bag when he was put in detention. When he was released with 521 others on temporary protection visas in December he had to dig through numerous blue bags to find his broken laptop, camera and wallet that was missing the cash.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre campaign co-ordinator Pamela Curr said her organisation was concerned many people leaving detention were not having their money and valuables returned to them.

“The fact is the money asylum seekers have impounded is going somewhere and we are asking where?

Serco spokesman Tim Evans said complaints were reported and properly investigated. He said Mr Taghizadeh’s case was investigated and could not be substantiated on the information provided.

“With regards to the computer and camera, we are not aware of any damage until now,” he said.

Mr Evans said there were no other complaints recorded. But Mr Taghizadeh said missing items and money was a big issue for many asylum seekers.

“And most of them don’t speak even, they are scared to even make a complaint,” Mr Taghizadeh said.

He said a friend had $US5600 ($5300) and a phone taken and another had other items missing.

“They said he didn’t have this money, but I saw it go in the bag with my own eyes,” he said.

Ms Curr said it was a problem for those who did not have access to normal law procedures and rights that Australians enjoy.

“They have no recourse when their possessions are stolen or mislaid,” she said.

“In the past we have … run into a blank wall with immigration people.”


“No boat person entering this country illegally after setting out from Indonesia, or some other country that is not their home country, is an asylum seeker. That is fact, according to UN laws.After you enter your first country after ‘fleeing’ your home country due to fears of being killed, that country becomes your country of refuge.These freeloaders are given so much more than our own citizens. It disgusts me. Get out of the UN now, it’s such a corrupted and vile organisation. Think Rwanda.”

Pete Fumberger

Read the comments, they show how out of touch the Gillard gubmint is with the electorate.


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  1. For Ms Curr (the name is appropriate),
    Have you considered the very real possiblitiy that your assylum seekers are taking you and your fellow twits for a ride – ie are hey are lying????!!! A very real possibility in my experience.

  2. All this really proves that these people are really economic migrants and should be returned to the home country-ASAP.

  3. Labor lets them in, showers them with (our) money, gives them homes etc. When they get to vote they vote for Labor. Why? they don’t have to work and suck off our social security for the rest of their lives. How Will Australians Vote in the next Federal Election before we are over taken by these (Muslim) boat people.

  4. Herald Sun
    Edition 1 – FIRSTMON 28 JAN 2013, Page 016

    Plans hypocritical
    MUSLIM community and left-wing groups are planning protests against Dutch MP Geert Wilders for fears the outspoken popular politician may offend Muslims (“MP faces protests,” Jan 25).
    The hypocrisy and double standards is staggering.
    The Muslim community constantly invite extremist clerics to Australia who vilify and incite hatred towards Jews and Americans.
    The same Left-wing groups planning to protest Wilders’ visit often support and promote the Muslim hatemongers.
    Are we to be dictated and intimidated by the Muslim community on who should be allowed to visit Australia? It is outrageous that in our country a visiting Dutch politician requires such stringent security.
    Michael Burd, Toorak

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