Norway: hijab and turban in the Norwegian police force?

The main argument is that the police and the judiciary must remain completely neutral.  (Once you got Muslims you got Islam, and Islam is never ‘neutral’.)  That’s the problem.–Read more »

Following once great Britain into the multicultural sewers:

A Sikh soldier yesterday became the first Guardsman for 180 years to parade at Buckingham Palace wearing a turban instead of the bearskin.


The Norwegian culture minister says her country will not allow Muslim women police officers to wear hijab — Islamic dress code for females– as part of their uniform, rejecting a proposal from a commission appointed by the government. …   More on islamic bondage wear at PressTV

9 thoughts on “Norway: hijab and turban in the Norwegian police force?”

  1. This is a real no brainer of a question of the above photograph.
    What wrong with htis picture ?

  2. Why not give up now you pathetic little skrewed up country. You gave everything else just give up the rest, walk away while you can. If you wait too long you will be shot in the back with you’re own gun on the way out.

    1. I’m no fan, but considering what the socialists have done in Scandinavia and in light of the fact that Morsi is pressurising the Obamster to release the “blind sheik” from the first WTC bombing it would make perfect sense to press for his release.

  3. What is wrong with this picture is the obvious fact that there is more than enough room for the turban UNDERNEATH the bearskin.

    Pure ostentatiousness!

    Long Live Atheism.

  4. I have no problem with the sikh turban, for the army or the police.
    they have certainly earned the right to be the recipients of this one example of “special treatment” as far as I am concerned.
    sikh’s have have been prepared to fight and die in the service of britain.
    and thousands of them did die,in fact one school of thought has it that, were it not for the sikhs, britain might not have “won” the second world war! they are not constantly whingeing and demanding , as far as I know,don’t have a book that tells them that everyone that isnt a sihk is walking dog waste. lets keep our attention on the real problem that europe and the world has right now,the parasitic murderous death cult that is islam.

  5. Folks – the guy is a Sheikh – and the muslims are murdering them too. That said, all soldiers in the same army should wear the same uniform!!!!

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