Norway loves Islamic headbangers

Back by Popular Demand

Norway rolls out the red carpet for a “well-known extremist who spreads hatred against Jews and gays”

 Haitham al-Habbad

As reported here last month, Mr.  Haitham al-Habbad attended a seminar in Norway late last year hosted by The Observer says, “Apparently his message was such a hit with the attendees that decided to invite him back for a second session next week.”

Per Sandberg (FRP — Progress Party), Chairman of the Parliamentary Justice Committee, compared Haddad’s ideology with Nazism in an interview with NRK [Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation].

“Following the attacks on July 22, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labour Party) made it clear that Norway must become even more democratic in order to oppose Anders Behring Breivik’s hatred. My view is that there must be more religious freedom for Islam in Norway in order to oppose Sandberg and Rieber-Mohn’s hatred of Islam. We have to show these Islam-haters that we will not be intimidated by their hate-filled campaign against Muslims. People who choose to stay silent will slowly but surely be indoctrinated and filled with hatred, as was the case with Germany during the Nazi regime,” says Fahad Qureshi, the leader of Islam Net.    (GoV)

 Stoltenberg needs to be locked up in a padded cell, perhaps together with  Haitham al-Habbad and his disciples………

6 thoughts on “Norway loves Islamic headbangers”

  1. “…Stoltenberg needs to be locked up in a padded cell, perhaps together with Haitham al-Habbad and his disciples………”

    Or in a little double cell with Anders Behring Breivik .

  2. Sheikyermami,
    No advertisements on your site, so I guess you spend every living moment working this site out of the goodness of your heart, or perhaps you are paid by Islam haters, or perhaps you are mosad, or cia doing your duty to your government. Please people, wake up, this site is purely for hate. You have to wonder why they would go out of their way and to such expense.

  3. @A Brown,

    There are plenty of sites where islamlovers can express their admiration and submission to islam, please go to them. If you don´t like to read news from islamic world because you love the “Mein Quran”, sites like this are just for you where mindless sheeps show their idiocracy.

  4. Listen, A Brown-Eye, this site is for the exposing of the truth. If truth translates into hate in your pathetic little world, there’s not a heck of a lot we can do to fix your problem. Follow the Big Kahuna’s advice and visit the recommended site where truth is a stranger. Seems to be more up your alley…

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