Obama Will Use Children as Props for Gun Control Announcement!

Give me the children:

Obama plans to surround himself with children during gun control announcement

Obama Will Use Children as Props for Gun Control Announcement! Megyn Kelly Panel Report – 1/15/13

As we watch BO, E. Holder and friends incrementally dismantle the Constitution and create a police state and a homeland security that violates our rights, signs a bill that can detain or imprison American citizens and were supposed to let him disarm us too… People are delusional if they think it’s not as bad as it is. that’s exactly how Hitler how got away with it. Those that saw it and spoke out were demonized…
Individual Liberty: Rights are claims made by individuals to be free of coercion by others… Collectivism: Rights are claims made upon individuals so that others are free of wants… which are you in for?

9 thoughts on “Obama Will Use Children as Props for Gun Control Announcement!”

  1. Throughout history, dictators have always used children to cause empathy to the mobs. So they became the “Fathers” of childhood, indoctrinating the children and alienatig them to their natural families.
    This is communism.

  2. No one does hypocrisy like the left!

    How many late term abortions has this admin funded and continues to fund?

    And now he says children are precious?

    Credibility problem much?

  3. @gramfan,

    You are so right, they are hypocrites.

    The irony is that they are blind to their own hypocrisy.


    Do you remember that iconic photograph of Saddam Hussein and the awkwardness between him and the little English boy?


    The quote from Mein Kampf is a brilliant choice.

  4. If Obama wanted to protect children he would just do it. We can protect the gold at Ft. Knox with guards, we can protect the politicians in DC with guards, we can protect him with guards, — then we can also protect the schoolchildren with guards. We’re not living in the 50s anymore when we had a homogeneous population which largely lived by the Golden Rule. Our country is now awash with evil people, thanks largely to the liberal policies of the last 50 years. What the Dems want to do is make sure they don’t have to fear us. “When the govt. fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the govt., there is tyranny.”

  5. Hill,
    They are not blind to their hypocracy – they are simply evil. Only an evil being would use children for its own political purposes.

  6. Well, Hill, I don’t remember that photo, but I can immagine it.
    Sadam was just an arab copy of Adolf Hitler. Same sh** in a different package.

  7. @kaw,

    I have to disagree, the ones who tend to be blind to their hypocrisy are the ones who tend to be sanctimonious and absorbed with the idea of projecting outwards their bleeding heart credentials. Blech!

    However, you are right. There is a very large number who know exactly what they are doing and they are the most dangerous.


    The British kid, Stuart Lockwood, then five in 1990 (The first Gulf War), so did not want to be standing there next to Saddam and it showed in his body language. He did not want Saddam touching him at all and refused .

    Here is a link to him all grown up.


  8. When my kids were young & even when they got 16,17 18 they didnot give a s___ about gun control or any thing president was doing or saying, I do not believe that these little kids came up with the ideal of writing the president or caring about guns sure they may be a bit afraid but they are not going to write a letter on their own, someone told these kids to do this even if it was the parents ,next thing U know kids will be wearing Army Fatigs ,& carrying those guns their selves like over in Iran,I swear this President is 2 fries short or he is about as useless as TITS on a bore hog as my old Daddy use to say,how people can look up to a person who takes our money & puts in his pocket, now the people who voted for him aint getting what they thought they would & now Obammy is not such a good guy well, you ask for it so deal LOL,lol ,lol,

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