Obamerica: a Bizarro World Where the Truth is “Inflammatory”

Pamela Geller:

CBS News: Quranic quote “Inflammatory”

The truth is the new hate speech. “More Ads With Inflammatory Messages About Islam Appear In NYC Subway” CBS News

“This is war propaganda and you are the target”

Look at the extraordinary lengths the jihadists and their enablers are going to in order to suppress the truth. The sticker says: “This is war propaganda and you are the target.”

The fact is that the quran is war propaganda, and you are the target. They have no idea how very right they are.

Obama tells India to “cool it”

Obama telling India to forgive and forget the savagery

Obama figures what’s another two beheaded and brutalized Hindus, just add them to the mountains of bodies — 80 million Hindus slaughtered in jihadi wars. Pakistani Troops launch unprovoked on Indian Post. behead  Indian soldiers savagely.

Obama tells India to chill out over this act of war.

Wasn’t India advised to cool out after Mumbai, despite the fact that Pakistan’s ISI was involved in that mass slaughter?

Obama, once again, sided with jihadists.

Pamela Geller: “The one-two punch of Brennan and Hagel is an insult to all free people”

Yet more evidence of the guiding principles of Obama’s consistent foreign policy. “Pro-jihadist John Brennan to head CIA?,” by Pamela Geller at WND, January 9:

…The one-two punch of Brennan and Hagel is an insult to all free people. In the Senate, Hagel amassed a significant track record as one of a hardline hater of Israel who would not affix his name even to the most innocuous pro-Israel initiative.

The Truth is what You Want it To Be:

The Muslim Brotherhood is about as “moderate” as a rattlesnake.

So is Obama, and the people he appoints to keeps America safe:

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper described the Muslim Brotherhood in February 2011 as “largely secular” and said that it “eschewed violence.”

Some are concerned that Egypt has moved from one dictatorship to another while leaving democracy in the dust.

Some Islamists, such as Wagdy Ghoneim, who enjoyed close relations with the Council on American Islamic Relations while he lived in the United States, have issued calls for genocide against the Copts.

Obama’s New CIA Director: “Jihad is Holy Struggle, a Legitimate Tenet of Islam”

We’ll beat al Qaeda Islam with the mighty power of denial.

Sometimes I wonder, can’t we just cut out the middle man and appoint terrorists to all the top national security positions? At least that way we would know exactly where we stand.

Instead Obama plans to nominate John Brennan, also known as every movie villain ever, to be the CIA Director. It seems like it would be simpler to just pick the first guy out of Gitmo and give it to him, but Brennan has more tenure than they do.

So instead we’re about to get a CIA Director who thinks like this