Pat Condell & the Racism of Lower Expectations

Pat Condell: Time to End Western Racism

“As Muslims, our blood vengeance against the Jews will only subside with their annihilation.” This is the kind of insanity Israelis are up against, but the free world shoves fingers in ears and pretends not to hear.

At last. Someone has the courage to call it what it is. The racism of lower expectations.

Iranian MPs due in Myanmar to examine Rohingya Muslims’ situation

Talibandit bites the dust

Taking the “T” Out of Terrorism

 “Radicalization” Islam  spreading in Canada

Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murders 20 Shi’ite pilgrims

No doubt the Shi’ites had put up Islamophobic subway ads. “Suicide car bomber kills at least 20 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq,” from NBC News, January 3:

Islamophobes in Pakistan shut off cell phone service in anticipation of jihad attacks on Shi’ites

Oh, the hate! The bigotry! The profiling! The vicious Islamophobes in the Pakistani government are shutting down cell phone service in cities in four provinces, so as to forestall the possibility of their being used to set off jihad bombs targeting Shi’ite Muslims.

How dare these hate-filled Islamophobes imply that peaceful, tolerant Sunni Muslims would do such a thing!  “Pakistan Shuts Mobile Phone Services on Shiite Muslim Gathering,” by Khurrum Anis for Bloomberg, January 3


One thought on “Pat Condell & the Racism of Lower Expectations”

  1. why does it now always seem to be “illegal” to accuse these moslem criminals of their crimes, if doing so might hurt their feelings (and so “make” them commit even more crimes!)? Simply because:
    I’ve been saying this for years:

    “Liberals are racists – they always assume that ONLY White, Western people (including, of course, the Jews in Israel,) are INTELLIGENT enough to be judged guilty of being truly evil, while all their pet “People Of Colour” (including, of course, the “swarthy palestinians,”) just can’t help being violent animals, the poor oppressed little dears, so they’ll always indulge their crimes, much as one ignores the new puppy as it pees on the rugs. ”


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