Peace in our time!

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 Mark Levin’s Inaugural Day Message— Fight!

As President Hussein Obama prepares for his inauguration, Breitbart News sat down with radio talk show host Mark Levin, the bestselling author of the blockbusters Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia, Men in Black, and Rescuing Sprite. Levin painted a stark picture of the reality facing the country – the rise of tyranny – but he also offered hope in one word: “fight.”

True cheapness costs more:

Obama: ‘Peace in Our Time’

CNN Host Piers Morganputz:

The Only Civilians Who Need an ‘AR-15 Assault Rifle’ Are Those Who ‘Want to Commit Mass Murder’–The British citizen has been outspoken in his support for stronger gun control measures in the United States, particularly in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook last month.

Mark Steyn meets obergropinfuhrer

“Human Rights”, the  (temporary) new state religion of EUrabia

UK: Our Nation is on Its Knees to the Church of Human RightsBy Peter Hitchens

Human Rights are the State religion of Europe, the unpleasant new country in which we are now trapped. These supposed rights have expelled and replaced Christianity. They have shrunk the human conscience and vastly increased the power of the State.

Reza Aslan, a religious scholar?

“Sharia does not exist because it cannot be pigeon-holed into a single code of Islamic principles and values.”–   Translation: “I am fooling fewer people than ever, and I am getting desperate.”

Along comes Reza Aslan’s gunsel:

Condoleezzzaaa clueless gets TV gig at CBS

 The Guns of Obamerica

Its a place where life is cheap and illegal guns are as available as illegal drugs. It’s a series of war zones whose problem is not the supply of guns, but their own social dysfunction.   The Guns of Obamerica

Another Fraud:

And another:

4 thoughts on “Peace in our time!”

  1. From the link from Sheikh

    Re re re re re: TSA and Nude Scanners- Mark Steyn

    Returned to the tender mercies of America’s hideous Transport Security Administration, I pine for the (literally) lighter touch of Aussie airports — no coat removal, no shoe removal, no digital imaging of one’s genitalia. From Brisbane to Perth, the screening areas are spacious and organised; in the US, it looks as if 9/11 happened last week, and they’re improvising with some trestle tables from the discount warehouse.

    My last trip to America was some 5 years ago. The whole process of entry was humiliating, supervised by rude and obnoxious customs and immigration officials, all arrogant in their power over tired and defenceless incoming passengers.

    American police were always intimidating, but now they were worse then ever. Getting out of America proved even more humiliating. Never again.

    Its a pleasure to travel elsewhere in the Western world despite the security, but America is a nightmare best avoided.

    What has happened? It cant all be blamed on 9/11. While Americans loudly and proudly proclaim the 2nd amendment, America is fast becoming a tyranny.

  2. Re: Prince Harry & the taliban:

    The really frightening thing about this story is that the media really, really seems to care what the taliban thinks about about the English royal family.
    It also seems to think that we should care!

    Are they insane?

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