Pensioner on a disability pension

It’s strange that someone capable to smashing car windows with just a plastic milk crate at a Muslim riot was deemed too disabled to work:

HE has no trouble smashing police car windscreens with milk crates but it seems Muslim rioter Omar Halaby is not fit to work, receiving a $200-a-fortnight disability support pension.

Muslim community leader Keysar Trad said he was not aware of the nature of Halaby’s disability but claimed it was often difficult for Muslims to find employment, even if they were able-bodied.

“If you have any name that is Middle Eastern or Islamic, you’ll often find you don’t get past the interview stage,” Mr Trad said.  (Andrew Bolt has more)


Ray reveals comments from Omar Halaby on his Facebook page claiming he was having the “time of his life” at Downing Centre Court, where he was given a good behaviour bond for damaging a police car during last year’s Muslim riots.  Listen to Omar Halaby: “time of his life”

4 thoughts on “Pensioner on a disability pension”

  1. Years ago my builder (a rogue) brought in three Muslim men to do the plastering. It was Ramadan and hot, and they were hopeless. They certainly didn’t earn their money.
    Why would any sensible employer take on Muslims?

  2. Hey, try teaching their useless sons as I did a few years ago at a charter school in the US….such a lazy lot of useless animals with absolutey no respect for female teachers. Strange thing was that they treated their own male muslim teachers like crap as well almost coming face to face with them. What is it with the turk/arab men..why do they have this maniacal egotistical hang up that they can do no wrong, are above the law, are god’s gift to the earth when mostly then contaminate it? I did have a few boys who were decent but sadly a very small minority. The boys who did behave well had great love for their mothers and sisters, distinguishing them form the trouble makers. From stealing supplies to bringing up porn on my computer not a day went by when I didn’t feel like I would drop dead from the sheer emotional exhaustion of dealing with such jerks. They refused to do their school work unless I sat down and held their hands.

    I do think that some sort of rugged, severely disciplined type of school would be best for them..where some big rough guys shape them up lik e in the Marines or such…they really need that heavy duty shaping up but I won’t hold my breath on that one for Muhammed has told them they need not do anything but puff their chest and act like animals, and when they feel like it, their modern day imams tell them to beat their women, when in fact, the guys need a baseball bat applied to their thick skulls to get them to see the light and grow up.

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