PuffHo: Will Al Jazeera Dumb Itself Down For America?

If you think al Jizz is nothing but jihad prop you are wrong, you just have to ‘get over your misperceptions’. Al Jizz bought their way in and they want a seat at the table, we are told by a leftist jerk who is totally befuddled with this coming enrichment of U.S. media.

Al Jazeera America’s Deep Pockets May Change American Journalism (VIDEO)

In other news:

Sarah Palin and FOX News Part Ways  (no wonder, FOX noise is still as loud as always, but in steady decline ever since Glenn Beck left.  Replacing Palin with far left loon Dennis Kucinich in just about the last nail in the coffin of what was once a watchable network.)

They’ve lost their minds.

Unhinged Mustard propagandist Cenk Uygur is overjoyed:

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 More “misconception balancing” here:

“There are a lot of inaccurate views and misinformation out there about Islam, and we hope it would serve as a platform that could balance such misperceptions.”

Mullah calls this “rolling a turd in glitter”.