Revolting: Tommy gets 10 months for a minor offence

EDL leader Stephen Lennon jailed for false passport offence  (BBC)

Tommy Robinson has been rotting in a UK jail under gruesome conditions awaiting trial for months.

British corruptocrats jail a  freedom fighter while thousands of Islamic jihadists  roam the streets on welfare. There will be a price to pay for this treason. This is political thuggery of the worst kind.

Pamela Geller:  it is stunning that the UK has degenerated to such depths. Freedom is no longer a reality, but a defeated idea undone by cowardice and capitulation of Islamic thuggery and violence.

Political Imprisonment in the UK: EDL leader Tommy Robinson jailed for 10 months

The leader of the English Defence League has been jailed for 10 months for using someone else’s passport to travel to the USA.

Stephen Lennon, 30, from Luton, admitted possession of a false identity document with improper intention.

Lennon used a passport in the name of Andrew McMaster to board a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to New York, Southwark Crown Court was told.

He entered the US illegally then used his own passport to return to the UK.

Lennon had previously been refused entry to the US and used a friend’s passport to travel to the country in September.

He used a self check-in kiosk to board the flight at Heathrow and was allowed through when the document was checked in the bag-drop area.

But when Lennon arrived at New York’s JFK Airport, customs officials took his fingerprints and realised he was not travelling on his own passport.

Lennon was asked to attend a second interview but managed to leave the airport, entering the US illegally.

Previous convictions

He stayed one night and travelled back to the UK the following day using his own legitimate passport, which bears the name of Paul Harris.

Judge Alistair McCreath told him: “I am going to sentence you under the name of Stephen Lennon although I suspect that is not actually your true name, in the sense that it is not the name that appears on your passport.

“What I have to deal with you for is clear enough. You knew perfectly well that you were not welcome in the United States.

“You knew that because you tried before and you had not got in, and you knew the reason for that – because, rightly or wrongly, the US authorities do not welcome people in their country who have convictions of the kind that you have.

The U.S. welcomes Islamic criminals from all over the world with open arms. This judge must be living under a rock.

“With that full knowledge, you equipped yourself with a passport. I am told that it was given you by way of a loan from your friend Andrew McMaster, to which you bore, I am told, some resemblance.”

The judge added: “What you did went absolutely to the heart of the immigration controls that the United States are entitled to have.

“It’s not in any sense trivial.”

In mitigation, Lennon’s barrister Giles Cockings told the court the passport was not stolen and his client had only used it for a day.

Lennon was jailed for assault in 2005 and also has convictions for drugs offences and public order offences, the court heard.

7 thoughts on “Revolting: Tommy gets 10 months for a minor offence”

  1. There are literally tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, terrorists ,and plain illegals walking free in the streets of the UK.

  2. @DP111

    Yep, and there is a plethora of illegals that have been arrested (repeatedly) for criminals crimes and are neither deported, imprisoned and have been given a suspended sentences.

    We all know this is a direct run at knocking down the resistance.

  3. Passports are not checked by immigration when leaving heathrow only when entering the country. The offense he was convicted for can only be for entering the States. Britain seems to have forgotten they lost jurisdiction in 1776.

  4. Gimme a break, I have a lot of time for the EDL but he’s turned out to be a prize prat! The damage he has done to the EDL may be irrepairable. He committed a stupid criminal act while being the high profile leader of a contraversial organisation. He would have done the organisation a lot more good if he’d tried to travel on his own passport and been refused entry.
    If he’d tried this 40 years ago maybe he would have got away with it, but unfortunately due to the actions of islamists on airline travel since the seventies, security has become more and more restrictive and will remain that way for a long time to come.

    Uppompeii sums it up a lot more clearly than I can ….

    It’s nice to blame everyone else but Tommy Robinson was just stupid!

    1. Tommy has been convicted for an alleged offence in a foreign country.

      What right has the British judiciary imprisoning an English patriot who has broken no law in the UK?

      If a crime was committed, it was committed in the U.S. A.

      In that case, why didn’t the U.S. ask for him to be extradited?

      I get it: Britain still has jurisdiction over the U.S., the revolution never happened, or did it?

  5. they, the british government have bent to the will of america once more, it is a political step that has been taken, so the yanks dont look bad in the eyes of the british public. he should never have been jailed for this.
    we have islamic scum doing this here in britain everyday. and what happens to them when they get caught, they scream asylum then we give them a furnished house, welfare payments. then they bring their heinous muslim ways over here…..
    im ex forces, i suffer with PTSD and now i have type 1 diabetes. and the government are trying to force me back into work, which i would love, but at this moment in time, just is not possible for me.

    i look all around me and all i see is muslims living off benefits, with absolutely fuck all wrong with them. and all they do is complain.. i think tommy has got balls. i for one say he has been wronged. as a lot of us out here have been.
    im sick of all the pandering to this scum we call the religion of peace. they are no such thing. we need a proactive leader to reverse this situation, get them all to fuck,

    i never served my country so these fuckers could take over… i want my country back, and some due consideration, which i can in all honesty say i have earned.. what the fuck have these muslims ever done for this country. absolutely fuck all. and ours and the american govs are helping these unclean muzrats get away with it…. free tommy now, he is one off our own… anyone who says different is a hater, and a muslim sympathizer…. tommy, when you get out mate…. im behind you 100%

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