Ship out Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, says Queensland Liberal MP Steve Ciobo

WTF?  That’s only one MP in the whole country who (still) has the guts to say what every Australian should demand from his government?

Henry Budd/ The Daily Telegraph 

A RADICAL sheik who has called for Australia to become an Islamic state ruled by sharia law should be “slapped down” by moderate Muslims, according to a federal MP.

While Wahwah is portrayed as having “radical views” Liberal MP Steve Ciobo is portrayed as making a “radical call”. What is it with the journaillie and the BS they print in the papers these days?

Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, the Australian head of extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, suggested during a Christmas Eve sermon that jihad should be used to implement hardline teachings.

Queensland Liberal MP Steve Ciobo said the sheik should adopt Australia’s values of tolerance and a fair go for all or “pack up and ship off”.

“Frankly, we have had a gutful of people who deliberately incite hatred and people who want to overturn the foundation principles of this country,” he said. “This Sheik Al-Wahwah needs to be slapped down from moderate Muslim supporters who recognise there is no place in Australia for these kinds of attitudes.”

The sheik told supporters it was their duty to “carry the light of Islam to the rest of the world … Not with flowers. It was the army of Muslims which started from Medina, and they went to China, India, and the Maghreb.”

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NEIGHBOURS divided over a proposed “halal housing” development in Sydney‘s west, with some fearing it will lead to friction with Muslims.

“That is jihad.”

He said under an Islamic government, alcohol would be banned, a strict dress code enforced for all Australians and languages other than Arabic banned in schools.

Mr Ciobo said if Mr Al-Wahwah held dual citizenship the government should facilitate his move to another country more to his liking.

“I couldn’t care less if he preaches to five people or 5000,” he said.

“It only takes one or two crazies to take his message of jihad and to cause problems.

“If he’s going to preach a message that this country needs to be under sharia law then he should go to where he can live under sharia law – and that is not in Australia.”

4 thoughts on “Ship out Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, says Queensland Liberal MP Steve Ciobo”

  1. He’s dreaming if he thinks “moderate muslims” will magically appear and slap Al-Wahwah down … maybe Trad will babble about “misrepresented”, but that will be about all.

  2. I’m appalled that anyone is even thinking of allowing such a thing as “halal housing” to be set up anywhere here in Oz. Can’t the powers-that-be see the mess the UK is in because of such things? Idiots!

    And good on Steve Ciobo! Of course the Federal Govt won’t do anything … They’re too busy courting the Muslim vote for this year’s election >:(

  3. EVERYBODY: get behind Steve and PUSH. (And contact Abbott and Bishop and ask them why they’re hiding and letting a young backbencher say what **they** ought to have said!).

    Write to him, email him (I just did), phone him, and – especially if you’re in his electorate – visit him and thank him and give him a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates and printouts of three or four of Raymond Ibrahim’s classic articles on Taqiyya/ Islamic deception, so that he can get a handle on why we cannot and must not rely on apparently ‘moderate’ Muslims. Copies of Mr Spencer’s ‘Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran’ and of the Barnabas Fund booklet ‘What is Shari’a?’ wouldn’t go astray, either.

    He isn’t the only person in parliament who is potentially educable. Luke Simpkins is another; Ken Wyatt has attended ‘Friends of Israel [in] Western Australia’ gatherings; in the Senate there are Bernardi and Mason who need encouraging, they put their heads above the parapet and then have ducked down since. Any politician who has been willing to physically, in person, attend a pro-Israel or a pro-Copt solidarity rally is potentially educable.

    Put it this way, if Mr Ciobo gets thousands (preferably tens or hundreds of thousands) of positive responses – outnumbering the negative responses – in his actual and digital in-tray, then he and the rest of his party – and, indeed, all Aussie pollies – will have been served notice that there are VOTES out there…MORE votes than there are in kowtowing to Muslims.

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