So we brought ‘freedom & democracy’ to Iraq for this?

These people call us “haters”

More and more  anti-semitic drivel from the Iraq News Agency lately, much of it reproduced elsewhere.

But this sentence is  a classic distillation of hate, the type that is never reported in the West:

There is no harmful insect on the planet more dangerous than the Jews, and there is no incurable disease eating away at the human body is the worse than the Jews; and there is not any book since the inception of the world to warn nations and peoples of the psychological and intellectual epidemics of the Jews like the Koran. (Iraq News Agency spouting pure anti-semitism)

Jewish Press loves being lied to:

“Listen to Me: Islam Does Not Command War Against Jews”

Jewish Press publishes Muslim writer’s whitewash of Islamic antisemitism

Here’s how I see it: why should we buy mental tosh from a female who is no more than chattel according to her own ‘religion?’

Why should we bother with the da’awa efforts of a Muselmanic female who is only worth half of a man, according to her own belief-system?

Not to be taken seriously.

“Mission Accomplished”

Turks Assassinate 3 Kurdish Women “Activists” in Paris

PARIS — Three Kurdish women, including one of the founders of a militant group battling Turkish troops since 1984, were “executed” at a Kurdish centre in Paris, the interior minister said Thursday.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who visited the pro-Kurdish centre in Paris where their bodies were found, said the deaths are “without doubt an execution.” He called it a “totally intolerable act.”