Sri Lanka: Muslims call objectors to the halal racket “hate mongers”

Certain sections of the Sinhala Buddhist population are up in arms against what they call ‘Islaamikaranaya’ (Islamization) or ‘Halalkaranaya’ (Halal-ism).  The more virulent elements of this group have indulged in the most distasteful of anti-Islam hatemongering especially in social media sites such as Facebook.   (Mullah)

More hate mongering from Robert Spencer who just doesn’t seem to understand the real meaning of “inner struggle”.

Kashmir: “Jihad can resolve Kashmir issue”

“If we just stay fit despite our busy schedules, everything will be OK”

Syed Salahuddin says that only jihad, by which he clearly means armed struggle, can settle the Kashmir issue. I wonder which one of my books Salahuddin has been reading? After all, I am now responsible for Muslims who believe that jihad involves violence, as you can see from this tweet I received yesterday from Muslim writer Davi Barker, the husband of Hamas-linked CAIR’s truth-challenged Zahra Billoo:

Yes indeed, Davi, I taught Syed Salahuddin everything he knows. Bin Laden and Awlaki and Anjem Chaudary and Abu Bakar Bashir and Ajmal Kasab, too. And Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Omar Abdel Rahman. And Faisal Shahzad and Mohamed Mohamud. And Nidal Hasan and Naser Abdo. And Jihad Jane and Richard Reid, John Walker Lindh, Adam Gadahn — you name the Muslim inclined to violent jihad, and you’ll find one or more of my books on his shelf, yessiree. No Muslim would have gotten the idea that jihad had anything to do with violence were it not for my fiendish and extraordinarily powerful Zionist black arts. Why, just look at this:

Proof positive! I am the mastermind of the global jihad! And Davi Barker is an Islamic supremacist dissembler with a comic talent that rivals Reza Aslan‘s. Islamic supremacists’ attempts to cover up and whitewash the bloody reality of jihad grow more risible by the day, but mainstream media, law enforcement and government officials steadfastly refuse to laugh. Once they finally get the joke, it could be too late.

“‘Jihad can resolve Kashmir issue,’” by Tariq Naqash for Dawn, January 6:

MUZAFFARABAD: United Jihad Council chairman and Hizbul Mujahideen ‘supreme commander’ Syed Salahuddin said on Saturday that those calling for settlement of the Kashmir issue through peaceful means were in fact deceiving the innocent Kashmiris, adding that an armed struggle was the only way to resolve the dispute.Addressing a press conference, he said that experience of the past 65 years should convince any one that only a strong and target-oriented armed struggle across held Kashmir could win freedom from Indian occupation.

“The Kashmiri people, leadership and the state of Pakistan should prepare themselves for it. Otherwise freedom will remain a distant dream,” he said.

The press conference was held at the end of a procession staged by the supporters of Hizbul Mujahideen to mark the ‘right to self-determination day’.

The UJC leader said he supported political movement but was opposed to what he called a fragmented and fractured political struggle. He claimed that about 150 rounds of talks with India had failed to produce anything.

He said it was the armed struggle that had forced foreign troops to leave Vietnam, Algeria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq and once again it was compelling the US and allies to withdraw from Afghanistan….

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  1. The ad above of the female versus the male attempting to exercise.
    I am struck by the ease of which the male is allowed to exercise by wearing shorts and sleeveless shirt, and no rag tied around his head to encumber him. So why is it that in this brain dead religion the woman is always expected to suffer…physically and in inhibited indignation.

    Only a moron of the highest, er, lowest calibre would suggest that one se only is allowed exercise unencumbered with the entrapment of clothing covering every square inch of the body as shown with this sad, unenlightened female. Methinks if I were a muslim women, I’d tear off the veil for starters, face mecca, my local imam, and tell them all to go to hell for being utterly fkng stupid as to think women should be punished 24/7. Worth equal outrage is that the fool men/imams demand that vitamin D is not necessary for the female sex. Methinks that the denial of sun all over her body is what has produced morons of the highest caliber for millenia. Never is vitamin D more important than with pregnancies both for the women and the growing baby….without vitamin D in one’s bodily system, all kinds of physical and mental disabilities will follow.

    Why do these men want to remain in cave man mentalities is beyond me. If they feel that one sex should be denied god’s sun on their skin, then let it me the moron men who have to cover every square inch of their ugly bodies…cover all that hair too guys, for it is one hugh frckn turnoff for any REAL woman.

    Funny isn’t it, it is not female imams or a female allah that demands all the killing, the jolly jihad that bestial buffoons blather and bray to their boy brethren. No, it is only inbred insufferable insane idiots with inner tube brains bellowing big noise of boys refusing to grow up.

  2. @Virginia,

    Look at this way. Darwinism at it’s finest.

    When they have less woman to breed with because their head scarfs and slave outfits, inadvertently strangle the woman to death, set them on fire, trip etc., etc.

    Not to mention, that the lack of Vitamin D with all the inbreeding and vaccine free existence thrown in, will create a weaker breed…the world will be that much better.

  3. I suspect that the muslim population in SL during the various internal conflicts have used the well publicised Tamil-Singhalese conflict as a cover to perform their own misdeeds.

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