Sweet Aussie Boy Who Went to Syria to “Help the Children” Meets Virgins

 The Herald Sun buys it. A nicer guy we’ll never know, says his mother. His sisters say “he went to help the innocent people who were being oppressed.”

Mother’s grief after Yusuf Toprakkaya’s death in Syria battle

  • Stephen Drill /Herald Sun/thanks to Islam is a Crock

THE mother of an Australian killed fighting with rebel forces in Syria says he was not a terrorist despite being put on a US watch list.

Muazez Toprakkaya told the Herald Sun at her Broadmeadows home her son Yusuf was only trying to help the Syrian people.

Mothers little helper:

“My son is very sweet. He was there just to help, to help the children. (Syrian leader Bashar al-) Assad is very bad, he has killed all those people, why?” she said.

When asked whether her son was involved with terrorists, Mrs Toprakkaya said: “No, my son is very good, my son is not like that.”

Mr Toprakkaya, 30, was killed by a sniper in a battle for the Wadi al-Dayf military base on December 30.

His sisters said in a statement their brother was a kind-hearted person.

“He was in Syria for this same reason – to help the innocent people who were being oppressed,” they said.

14 thoughts on “Sweet Aussie Boy Who Went to Syria to “Help the Children” Meets Virgins”

  1. This pos is **not** an Australian. He’s a mohammedan scumbag who carried an Australian passport.

    One less scumbag to pollute the atmosphere.

  2. His siblings and parents know very well why he was there..good riddance to bad trash.

    Stop all Muslim immigration to western lands. Now.

  3. Oh ya, chure. Just a regular good old bloke. Just went there to help out. Carry water, make beds, pull weeds…

  4. If he was serious about ‘helping the children’ – the best thing he could have done would have been to tell them to stop swallowing the islamic drivel that created such f#cked up societies and people in the first place.

    But that would have meant he would then have to have a sane perspective. And sane , non-military people do not walk into war zones in the area of direct conflict.

  5. He was last seen down by the river kowsar drinking wine after just finishing off his 29th virgin ….muttering only 43 more to go WOO HOO

  6. Are we still paying for this schmarotzing terrorist and pretend-Australian’s family? Send them to Syria also to help the chuuuuuldren.

    Arrrrrghhhhhh….something is soooooooooo wrong with the world.

  7. You’re all absolutely disgusting. This man has died for humanitarian reasons. His purpose was simple – to fight a regime that is illegitimate and tyrannical. Not that any of you would understand, since you couldn’t even begin to fathom the nature and complexity of the conflict… And you call yourselves superior.

    1. A dime a dozen:

      “Hundreds of British residents of Syrian or Kurdish descent have travelled to the region S(yria) to fight. Security chiefs estimate that there are over 50 Britons in Syria fighting to bring down President Assad.

      British jihadis: “he was going to join the jihad brigades in Syria, describing it as a holy cause,”

      “A Swedish citizen of Finnish heritage” has allegedly died in fighting in Syria, reports the daily Helsingin Sanomat.

      Authorities are particularly worried about the conflict because it is said to attract violent Muslim idealists who are likely to make contact with the global jihadi movement, the Times claimed.
      They would return home having learnt how to use arms and explosives, posing a terrorist threat in Britain.

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