Sydney: Mustard crime family claims police used “excessive force” after injuring 7 police officers

A FATHER  Muselmaniac and his four “children” charged over a brawl that left seven police officers injured have been granted bail.Brenden Hills The Daily Telegraph

One of the “children”, here:  

 Son Hussein Mehanna speaks to the media after being released….

Rashida Yosufzai from the Sydney Moonbat Herald gives us a ‘fair & balanced’ report (thanks to kaw)

A western Sydney family accused of assaulting police say “excessive force” was used against them by officers responding to a domestic dispute.


Five members of the Mehanna family appeared in court on Thursday charged in relation to a brawl with police who were responding to reports of a domestic dispute.

Police allege one family member punched a probationary constable in the face before others joined in at the family’s home in Bankstown, in Sydney’s west on Wednesday.

A further six officers called to the scene were also injured. Two, along with the constable, were later taken to hospital.

On Thursday, 46-year-old father Mohamad Mehanna and his 18-year-old triplets Ali and Zainab Mehanna and Hussain Mehanni were granted bail after appearing via an audio-visual link from the cells at Penrith police station.

Another sibling, 21-year-old Adel Mehanna, who is charged with affray and resisting police, was granted bail in a separate hearing.

Appearing for Adel Mehanna, defence lawyer Greg Heathcote told the court there were “two sides to the story” and police had reacted “excessively” in dealing with the matter.

“The case of the defence in all matters is excessive force by police,” he told the court.

He said Mehanna had pushed an officer after seeing police “assaulting” his family, but did not cause any injuries.

Prosecutors opposed bail, arguing Mehanna had prior police assault charges and five for breach of bail conditions.

“He is no stranger to the criminal justice system. Police were simply doing their job,” police prosecutor Carlos Haralovic told the court.

Appearing agitated, Mehanna interjected as the prosecution put forward its case.

“You are going to make things worse.

“It was a family argument between two girls and police pepper-sprayed my f***ing family.

“That’s my whole f***ing family.”

Relatives of the family were visibly upset, with some crying as magistrate John McIntosh asked Mehanna to stop interrupting proceedings.

“Police have to attend the scene of disputes. They are simply doing their duty to prevent crimes from happening,” Mr McIntosh told the court.

Outside the court, solicitor Gus Dib, acting for the Mehanna family, said the family felt hard done by by police.

“It’s a very sad day for them. A domestic disturbance attended by police has turned into a very sad day for both parties.”

All five bailed family members will be required to report to police as part of their bail conditions and are due to appear at Bankstown local court on January 24.

Their 41-year-old mother is due to appear at Bankstown Local Court on February 13 after being issued a summons for affray, assault police and resist arrest.

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  1. What are these worthless bastards doing in MY country.
    We have our soldiers dying in their shithole homelands
    and these criminal ,non productive swine are out to destroy

  2. Domestic violence
    +Attacking police
    + needing translator
    + attacking court officials
    + accusing police
    + coming to court with numbers of “supporters”
    + claiming victimhood
    + saying they feel “badly done by”

    = no need for the euphemistic description:
    “of middle easters appearance”

    everybody knows they are here at the open invitation of the Greens/Labor/ABC/SBS/Union government, no questions asked, generously maintained by the Australian tax payer, offered the Australian Nationality which goes as cheap as a 2 penny whore these days. All that is asked of them is to vote for the left.


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