Syrian Savages

Extremely graphic!

This video (from Blazing Cat Fur) shows Assad supporters torturing captives with knives. While the captives are bleeding to death the soldiers hurl blocks of concrete on them.

Syrian Rebels Muslims Behead Christian Man and Feed His Body to Dogs

“…his fault, in the eyes of his killers, was his Christian faith.”  (Mullah)

“They want to impose sharia,” said Agnes-Mariam, 60. “It’s a scandal that the free and democratic world is supporting extremists,” she added in a reference to western backing for the coalition.

Not ‘extremists’- Obama’s MuBro buddies.

Al Jizz offerings:
With about 1,300 refugees arriving every week, there are concerns that resources may become stretched.
Foreign ministers meet opposition leader and deem his coalition “legitimate representatives” of the Syrian people.

7 thoughts on “Syrian Savages”

  1. Did the Swedes invite these animals over – or are the leftwing moonbats once against screwing Sweden??

  2. No surprise, as from the time Muslims are toddlers they have to watch the torture and slaughter of animals for their holidays. Can ya imagine that? It would be something like , for us, Christmas not filled with warm fuzzies, but with brutal slaughter of living creatures surrounded by frenzy and screams of God is Greater!

  3. kaw, the welfare establishment has to keep importing Muslims to stay in business. You know, it’s a growing thing. About half are unemployed, but, hey, you never know when you might run out of welfare scum.

  4. Pray Hard,
    So generous of the Swedish government to give away the welfare money that the Swedes saved for their own.

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