Thailand: teacher shot in front of school children

THAI insurgents shot dead a teacher in front of dozens of children in a school cafeteria, police said, in the latest deadly attack on an education worker.

“There were between 30 and 40 students in the cafeteria when he was shot,” local police chief Colonel Pakdi Preechachon said.  (thanks to the Religion of Peace)


The photo really says more than any words could. It was a typical lunchtime in typical school cafeteria with a hundred students chatting and enjoying their friends, and doing what children do at lunchtime.
Four Muslim terrorists posing as parents gained entry to the school, came into the cafeteria and in front of all the children shot teacher Chonthee Charoenchon in the head twice. Even in Thailand’s south this is major news: Thai Muslim terrorists are now hunting down the teachers inside the schools. (Pamela Geller)

Bacho police said two insurgents parked their motorcycle in front of the school canteen and walked into the building, where one of them shot Cholathee with a pistol.

Colonel Pramote Promin, the spokesman for the army in the south, said a lack of cooperation from Muslim villagers was making it hard to protect teachers “no matter how strict security measures are”.

Thai police officers inspect the scene after a teacher was shot dead by Muslim militants in a school cafeteria in front of children and staff.

More than 5300 people, both Buddhist and Muslim, have been killed by the violent insurgency in Thailand’s far south since 2004, according to conflict monitor Deep South Watch.

2nd story:

It never ceases to amaze me how far western journos are willing to go to deny the obvious. Here, a James Blair from the Southern Sentinel notices that the insurgency in the south of Thailand is  “becoming more Islamist in nature”, after citing ‘nationalism and local grievances’ to deny the relentless jihad that is no different in  Thailand than any other place.

The conflict in southern Thailand is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. Creeping Islamization is changing the nature of this previously low-level conflict.

Thai politics continue to hamper the search for a solution. (Do they really?) Part of the problem is that a flock of different and disparate Muslim groups, each attempting to speak for the full insurgency, makes it difficult for Thai authorities to find anybody to negotiate with. However, Bangkok, far from the region and not convinced of its importance, since it is the territory of the opposition Democrat Party, has shown no particular interest in negotiating if someone appeared to want a solution.

Remarkably, the Thai insurgency has never veered near the coastal enclaves that are packed both with wealthy tourists and westerners who own beach properties in Phuket and other areas.

There’s a target rich area indeed. And yes, its amazing that there have been no attacks yet.

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