The 1227 mosques of Spain and the Euro-Arab financed campaigns against European traditions


Islam is not–is never–the problem. It is, however, the solution (and that’s the problem). (Scramouche)

The Jews are not, –never- the problem. Yet Muslims believe that killing Jews is the solution (and that’s the problem).

The third Palestinian intifada is already under way, a top IDF officer told reserve troops last week, warning that things could get bad even without thousands of gunmen charging Israel’s borders. “It doesn’t take thousands of AK-47 assault riffles to create problems,” Col. Yaniv Alaluf said.

Alaluf, the commander of the Etzion region brigade, said the IDF expects to see more clashes with Palestinians like one that took place last week in Jenin, but it is well prepared and capable of dealing with terror, Ynet reported on Sunday.

That’s a lot of mosques:

Spain has 1227 mosques

Spain has 1227 officially registered mosques, including 246 in Catalonia, 184 in Andalusia and 105 in Madrid.  (Spain has 1227 mosques,  by Cheradenine Zakalwe )

Islam hard at work:

EU-Financed Euro-Arab Foundation Campaigns Against European Traditions

Various leftists and Muslims are demanding the abolition of ceremonies and traditions which they decry as “fascist” and “racist”. The irony is that these subversives are largely (and quite possibly entirely) financed by European taxpayers

In her book Eurabia, Bat Ye’or describes how the EU and Arab governments work together to promote the dissemination of Arab culture and language in Europe. The Euro-Arab foundation is clearly one of the bitter fruits of this process.

 An organisation founded nominally for cultural purposes is now overtly engaging in highly controversial political activities, promoting the islamisation and de-Europeanisation of Europe. It is absolutely shameful that European taxpayers are being forced to pay only  to see their own history, culture and traditions systematically undermined and disparaged.