The Persecution of Christians and Other Non Muslims in Islamic Countries is Worse Than Ever

Because they can:

Egypt imprisons entire family for converting to Christianity

Muhammad said: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57). The death penalty for apostasy is part of Islamic law according to all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. But this mother and her seven children just got fifteen years in prison in brave new democratic “Arab Spring” Egypt. The criminal court of Beni Suef must be made up of moderates.

“Egypt, 15 years in prison for mother and seven children, converts to Christianity,” fromAsia News, January 14 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

Iranian-American Pastor Faces Death in Iran

(Before It’s News) The next time you attend one of these inter-faith events in the US where Muslim leaders tell you how tolerant they are of other faiths, you might want to ask them about this man, Saeed Abedini.

Egypt’s Coptic Christians fleeing country after Islamist takeover

Tens of thousands of Egyptian Christians are leaving the country in the wake of the Egyptian revolution and subsequent Islamist takeover of politics, priests and community leaders say.

Christianity as a Crime Against Humanity

This should bring around anyone who doubts that “human rights” has become a euphemism for tyranny:

An American pastor is facing a federal lawsuit filed by a George Soros-funded organization alleging that the pastor’s messages on homosexuality are a “crime against humanity” — a lawsuit that some Christians fear might have far-reaching consequences for church mission groups.

Three More Baha’i Imprisoned in Iran… (TROP)

The Bahai and the Zoroastrians are facing extinction  in Iran.

West Point Prayer Battle Sparks Church vs. State Debate Over U.S. Military ‘Religious Coercion’

‘Thank You Jesus’: Woman Wins Major Crucifix Victory at European Court of Human Rights

“amounted to an interference with her right to manifest her religion.”

LONDON (TheBlaze/AP) — British Airways discriminated against a devoutly Christian airline employee by making her remove a crucifix at work, Europe’s highest court ruled Tuesday. While this is being widely seen as a religious liberty victory, the court rejected discrimination cases by three other Christian claimants.–Read More »


Egypt: 5,000 Muslims stream out of mosques, demolish church building while chanting “Allahu akbar”

The Tiny Minority of Extremists always seems to be able to muster a violent kuffar-hating mob, without any opposition from the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims. “Muslims Demolish Church Building in Egypt,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, January 16:

(AINA) – Hundreds of Muslims came out of mosques today with hammers and destroyed a social services building belonging to the Coptic Church while chanting Islamic slogans. Security forces arrived after the building was completely razed. The 100 square meters social services building in the village of Fanous, Tamia district in Fayoum province, 130 KM south west of Cairo, had all the necessary government permits; it had a reception hall on the first floor and a kindergarten on the second.But the Muslims insisted that it would become a church.

2 thoughts on “The Persecution of Christians and Other Non Muslims in Islamic Countries is Worse Than Ever”

  1. Concerning that Christian pastor who is now in an Iranian prison because he was teaching the Bible. This shows just how afraid the mullah’s and other Islamist’s who are in power of the written Word of the Bible. Likewise. these mullah’s and other Islamist’s are very much scared if the people of Iran start to hear and even read the Bible they might also start to compare and contrast the Bible with the Quran anf then fine out that the Bible is the superior of the two books. Therefore the mullah’s in power will do everthing they can to keep the people of Iran in ignorances of the Bible and away from the light of Christianty and to keep the people in the darkness of Islam. For the power baseof the mullah’s and others rest on Islam. Islam rests on the Quran. In short, the Islamist in power in Iran will arrest and maybe even murder anyone who give the people of Iran the truth and seems to threaten their power base.

  2. Yay!! I can’t tell you how nice it is to see that other people are paying attention. Thank God. Not Allah. Cause we know who he is. I sure hope we can wake up enough people before our country is completely taken over by all our enemies. I know you are not a hater. That’s how they are able to infiltrate our Armed forces, media, government, schools, colleges… Political correctness. If you say anything they sound the, islamophobia alarm. I see through them like they are bathing in windex. And, I will never be a slave to Allah. Ever.

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