Tower Hamlets in damage control: “cowardly actions of individuals totally against principles of Islam….”

“This is not-so-Great Britain, this is a Muslim area. We are vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks.” — Member, Muslim London Patrol

Koranimal in damage control, calls for “tolerance”  between LGBT and Mustards

Not sure what the intention is, perhaps they want to throw them off tall buildings.

Islam (that’s his name)  says it’s important to remember the area belongs to people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations and religions:

“Such an extremely small minority of abusive youngsters who have no understanding of Islam are simply unrepresentative of the Muslim community.”

Wais Islam strongly condemns the vigilante patrol group that has caused national outrage by making a video in which they harass non-Muslims with homophobic remarks and by forcing them to throw away their alcoholic drinks on the street as well as calling Whitechapel a Muslim area. I am against the idea of calling the group a Muslim patrol because they do not represent us in any form or with any approval. As a former Labour councillor for Whitechapel Ward and first Tower Hamlets Olympic Ambassador, I found the cowardly actions of these individuals to be totally against the principles of Islam.

Well, they’re not. The Mustards don’t have the upper hand, that’s all.  (Pink News)

What difference does it make? They’re dead!

What Difference Does It Make that Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Care Why Terrorists Killed Americans in Libya?–By Barry Rubin

Haniyeh says inaugural Gaza school will prepare kids as young as 12 to establish Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.” … (Jewish kids are taught about tikkun olam= heal the world….)

Rowan Atkinson, aka “Mr Bean”

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  1. Where is Peter Tatchell when he is really needed?


    Probably with the feminist bitching about the Pope, whilst real misogyny and antiLGBT violence is going on in their own back yard.

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