“Toxic combination of Christian supremacy and flagrant bias against Islam”

The hide and the imperial hubris of these cretins is nauseating.

Strange that Muselmaniacs  never demand that  the terror linked Muslim Brotherhood group CAIR  be disbanded.   So much easier to attack Christians for not hiring those who believe they have a religious mandate to annihilate them.

Disband the International Commission on Religious Freedom  (Boston Review)

The Islamic Supremacist Mindset (Islam Watch)

Muslims like to accuse critics of their religion of being “racist”, but if Islam really is a race then what does it have to say about others?

Iran Sentences Pastor to 8-Years for Evangelism…

Iran has sentenced a Christian pastor to 8 more years of imprisonment and torture for the crime of… well, being a Christian pastor (evangelizing and building orphanages).  Islam is the world’s most insecure and intolerant religion. (TROP)

Who needs books when you got the Koran already?

Jihad in Mali: Islamic supremacists torch Timbuktu manuscript library

An act of Islamic piety. As the caliph Umar is supposed to have said when ordering the library of Alexandria to be burned: “If the books agree with the Qur’an, they are superfluous. If they disagree with it, they are heretical.”

“Islamist rebels torch Timbuktu manuscript library: mayor,” from Reuters, January 28 via JW.

The OIC Needs to Show It’s Serious About Human Rights

Human rights for muslims, yes. Not so much for kafirs. That would defeat the purpose of the whole exercise:

Dear Mr. Ihsanoglu,

 Instead of standing behind the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, your organization has been pushing the United Nations to endorse a different document, the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights (CDHR).  Read it all….

2 thoughts on ““Toxic combination of Christian supremacy and flagrant bias against Islam””

  1. The the mullahs and other Islamists in power in power in Iran had this Christian pastor imprisoned and in such an awful prison as this for eight years only because they feared that pastor Saeed Abedini might possibly start to teach from the Bible. By putting him in peison for this only exposes that Ayatollah Khameni , the mullahs and others in power are very much afraid of the Bible. In that they are scared that if the Iraian people hear the reading and teaching of the Bible they might start to compare and contrast the Bible with the Quran. In doing so they might come to see that the Bible is the superior of the two books. Thus the mullahs and others might se their power fading because their power is based on Islam and the foundation of Islam is the Quran. So the mullahs and other Islamists in power will do everthing they can to keep the people of Iran in ignorance of the Bible and in the darkness of Islam. That is why they are coming down so hard in their persecution of pastor Abedini.

  2. Christians need to go under cover and apply at CAIR and other muslim groups to expose them for what they are hypocrites.

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