U.S. Occupiers Out of Turkey!

I second that. The U.S. has no business to be in Turkey. NATO should cut all ties with wannabe caliph Erdogan. All financial, military and economic aid must end.

Modern, moderate, Turkey: Muslim protesters burn flag, demand expulsion of U.S. troops from Turkey over rumor of Qur’an desecration

The Turks are irked, the Turks are irked — what kind of jerk would irk the Turks?
Thought this kind of thing only happened in strongholds of Islamic supremacist fury such as Pakistan and Afghanistan? Think again. Anyway, as for the expulsion of U.S. troops from Turkey, sounds like a great idea to me.“Turkish protesters condemn US forces over mosque attack,” from Islamic Invitation Turkey, January 13 (thanks to JW):

People have taken to the streets in southern Turkey to condemn US forces based in the country over reports that the soldiers desecrated Islam.The protest was held on Saturday in the province of Adana, home to the Incirlik Air Base, where US troops are stationed.

The demonstrators demanded that the culprits be identified and punished. They also called for the expulsion of the US troops from Turkey.

The rally came after reports that a group of drunk US soldiers broke the windows of a mosque and destroyed copies of the Qur’an on New Year’s Eve.

Yeah, that’s about as likely to have happened as a visit from Santa Claus to the same mosque.

The Adana Governor’s office is said to have launched an investigation into the allegations.The Turkish military denies the sacrilegious move was committed by US troops.

4 thoughts on “U.S. Occupiers Out of Turkey!”

  1. Muslims going mental over a rumor?

    What? Going mental has not happened in what? A hot minute in the land of a billion peasants.

    Go ahead, boot out the US, the money that they pay the state to be there, will dry up with it.

  2. “They also called for the expulsion of the US troops from Turkey.”

    Fine by me, but first get all of the Turks the hell out of the US. Starting with those Gulen schools where Turk boys treat female teachers like dirt. And where they get to lie, cheat and steal and perhaps even threaten a teacher with wearing a suicide belt.

    I would know as I taught at one of those schools. They were for the most part utterly disgusting and their behavior reaked of centuries ago. In fact, the principal admitted to me that they bring them to the US so they boys will become CIVILIZED!! And yet, they are taught all american girls are whores, all the meanwhile these students would break into my classroom on weekends and steal supplies when they were not watching porn on my computer.

    It was a living hell for me, but I needed the job. As for the kids, they hated being in the US for they didn’t like to have any curbs on their behavior. Apparently the men in their families were also allowed to hang from the chandeliers and act like morons. As for their mothers, I feel nothing but pity, pity, pity to have been born in a setting whereby females are seen as less, and in fact, far far less..more like dirt under a man’s foot. And now, they attempt to tell us that we cannot say anything against their not so holy book written by a madman? I think not. The proof is in the pudding..and I observed it first hand with Turkish muslim boys.

  3. @virginia,

    You said, “Fine by me, but first get all of the Turks the hell out of the US.”

    That was one of the thoughts I had too. Get the Turks the hell out of Germany, France and London where there are large numbers too.

    But, do not doubt, that Turkey, like Mexico would rather have their rabble population out causing mayhem somewhere else, whilst sending all $$$$ back to the home country. This way, both countries do not have to worry about there undesirables turning on them.

    @Uncle Vladdi,

    Love, love… the Tolkien fact, the Greek in my life will find much pleasure in that quote.

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