UK: I have decided to leave my area… I’m a stranger on these streets…

Andrew Bolt:

Jane Kelly writes of the erasing of her Britain:

“When you go swimming, it’s much healthier to keep your whole body completely covered, you know.” The Muslim lady behind the counter in my local pharmacy has recently started giving me advice like this. It’s kindly meant and I’m always glad to hear her views because she is one of the few people in west London where I live who talks to me.

The streets around Acton, which has been my home since 1996, have taken on a new identity. Most of the shops are now owned by Muslims and even the fish and chip shop and Indian takeaway are Halal…

Of the 8.17 million people in London, one million are Muslim, with the majority of them young families. That is not, in reality, a great number. But because so many Muslims increasingly insist on emphasising their separateness, it feels as if they have taken over; my female neighbours flap past in full niqab, some so heavily veiled that I can’t see their eyes. I’ve made an effort to communicate by smiling deliberately at the ones I thought I was seeing out and about regularly, but this didn’t lead to conversation because they never look me in the face…

More worryingly, I feel that public spaces are becoming contested. One food store has recently installed a sign banning alcohol on the premises. Fair enough. But it also says: “No alcohol allowed on the streets near this shop.”…

Perhaps he and his fellow Muslims want to turn the area into another Tower Hamlets, the east London borough where ‘’suggestive’’ advertising is banned and last year a woman was refused a job in a pharmacy because she wasn’t veiled…

Since the start of the year there have been several reports from around London of a more aggressive approach. Television news footage last week showed incidents filmed on a mobile phone on a Saturday night, in the borough of Waltham Forest, of men shouting “This is a Muslim area” at white Britons…

Worse, though, is film footage from last week, thought to have been taken in Commercial Street, Whitechapel, which showed members of a group who also called themselves a “Muslim patrol” harassing a man who appeared to be wearing make-up, calling him a “bloody fag”. In the video posted on YouTube last week, the passer-by is told he is “walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag” and ordered to get out…

There are, of course, other Europeans in my area who may share my feelings but I’m not able to talk to them easily about this situation as they are mostly immigrants, too… Poles have settled in Ealing since the Second World War and are well assimilated, but since 2004 about 370,000 east Europeans have arrived in London… Not surprisingly, at my bus stop I rarely hear English spoken…

In the Nineties, when I arrived, this part of Acton was a traditional working-class area. Now there is no trace of any kind of community – that word so cherished by the Left. Instead it has been transformed into a giant transit camp and is home to no one. The scale of immigration over recent years has created communities throughout London that never need to – or want to – interact with outsiders…

But now, despite the wishful thinking of multiculturalists, wilful segregation by immigrants is increasingly echoed by the white population – the rate of white flight from our cities is soaring. According to the Office for National Statistics, 600,000 white Britons have left London in the past 10 years…

I, too, have decided to leave my area… I’m a stranger on these streets…

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  1. 1. Seriously, even without reading the article yet: have a look at that photo – can these women – with the greatest of best will be called anything else than:
    An offense to anyone who likes (I dont even say “loves”) freedom? And aesthetic beauty? And equality of human beings?

    Only those who deeply hate women (some of them are women), who are violent and who at the sight of a “normal” woman turn into rutting animals can say anything good about this grotesk attire.


    As to leaving one’s home, because one is pushed out by those one has once naively “welcomed” this happens in Germany too, here is a video from Vlad Tepes, about a tip of the iceberg story in Berlin:

  2. Sorry, I looked at that picture again (mesmerised like bored people are by a car accident): they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly, I wanna vomit.

  3. You can tell that native Brits are unable to grasp the impact of Islamisation:

    ‘Of the 8.17 million people in London, one million are Muslim, with the majority of them young families. That is not, in reality, a great number.’


    “Not, in reality, a great number”.

    But it is. You need only a minuscule amount of crude oil to contaminate water. You need only a tiny amount of feces to make ice-cream inedible.
    Londonistan with more than 10% of Islamic enrichment is enough to cause major, major disruptions.

    And with servile, preemptive dhimmies in charge, expect more and more accommodation for Islamic mores, at the expense of native, naive Brits who may be further estranged and enraged, but will be forced into submission.

    That’s what it means when they call on allah to:

    ‘Destroy them by their hands…’

    The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. … It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is …

    They can rely on complicit kafirs to do the dirty work for them, just like the Kapos who drove the Jews in the ovens.

  4. Rita, forget ugliness – when I look at that picture I see Rickets* riddled children unable to recognize their own mothers in public, causing a social cognizance. It is no wonder that so many muslim children are unable to relate properly to other people.


  5. muslimas posing proud in their slave bags, the epitome of profound stupidity
    dressed so that no one can see who is shitting next to them in the desert and they dont have a clue, not a clue……..
    islam, the horror,the banal idiocy of it all

  6. The cover-up comes right from the Unholy Koranhole itself, in sura 33:59, where Moe insists the muslimas cover up “lest they be molested and raped, like we have to molest and rape all the infidel women who don’t cover up!”

    It slanders both the men – as being mindless beasts like Moe was, at the mercy of their uncontrollable hormones – AND the women get victim-blamed as “causing” themselves to get harrassed, molested and raped, by NOT covering up.

    In short, the Qur’an is anti-human in this way, slandering both sexes.

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