Useful Idiots & Emily Badger

Emily Badger is a staff writer at The Atlantic Cities. She prefers  the propaganda provided by Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR to those who tell the truth about jihad, namely Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Don’t think of her as a hater, she might be just a little dumb and naive. Or perhaps she can’t wait to convert, along with her clitoris “nick” and a brand-new burqa.

Badger advises  How You  (can but should not) Respond to Bigoted Bus Ads

Someone intentionally mangles a core tenet of your religion and equates it with savagery on a New York City subway ad

Here’s what Emily Badger serves up at the Atlantic cities:

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Meanwhile, the real jihad rages on:

And unfortunately, the useful idiots do a lot of damage:

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  1. emily badger……probably couldn’t find her arse with both hands,
    and these people are “writing”in “newspapers”
    oy vey.

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