When “Climate Justice” Marries Big Oil

Yes, the bride is the same Al Gore who rallied against big oil for over a decade. And what a coincidence that al Jizz, which is the propaganda network of the Muslim Brotherhood, is also on the forefront when it comes to pushing the global worming fraud.

Yes, it is pretty disgusting that Gore sold his flailing network to an avowed enemy of the United States of America, but Gore crossed lines years ago, and not just with masseuses. Now he has so much blood on his hands that he cannot wash away the algae. Al Jazeera is not a news network. It is a terrorist organization. It promotes terrorism by supporting the very violence that has murdered many innocents across the globe for over forty years. Think of it as Hollywood without the fallback position that it is only “playing make-believe.”

Al-Jazeera, a gateway drug into and defender of Islamo-Fascism, must be given a platform!  

America’s first Marxist-Muslim President is smiling ear to ear over this. And his MuBro  advisors in the White House and State department must be rolling on the floor laughing.

University of Southern California prof: “the television sets throughout the U.S. government last year when the Arab revolutions were getting under way were all tuned to Al Jazeera English.”

What Al Gore’s done —  is all in the name of tolerance.

You see, we have to tolerate hate and intolerance directed towards America and Israel, in the name of diversity. But what will not be tolerated is intolerance of Al-Jazeera’s hate and intolerance, because not tolerating hate and intolerance directed towards America and Israel is its own form of hate and intolerance.

Got that?

Al Jazeera is an anti-Semitic, anti-American scourge throughout the Middle East, and it was one of our biggest enemies during the darkest days of the wars in Iraq an Afghanistan. But in order to secure $100 million he doesn’t need, Al Gore threatened to accuse providers of racism if they dared drop the channel, which would’ve most certainly resulted in a lower selling price.


Al Gore is accused of taking money from big oil. Why not? So did the Obama campaign

Will these revelations ruin Gore’s reputation? Probably not. Devotees of living saints tend to be blind to their sins and often take criticism as evidence of a conspiracy against them. But maybe it’ll help correct one misconception – that only Republicans benefit from big oil.

 Is it likely that Al-Jazeera’s purchase assure it of a ready-made American audience? 

Hollywood liberals will continue to blame guns for American violence while ignoring the culture they create. When the next Fort Hood shooter, Christmas underwear bomber, or shoe bomber kills innocent Americans, do not be surprised if it is a young Islamist male who watched Al Jazeera.

Bad behavior is learned. That is called “environment,” which is much more important than the other environment that won Gore, while spreading his own brand of poision, an Oscar and a Nobel Prize.

Since his poison kills people and not trees, Hollywood will not care.