Who made this a$$hole mufti of Australia?

Meet the “new mufti of Australia” who is just as much an Islamo-pervert like the old cat-meat mufti. Who the hell gave this headbanger a visa to make himself comfy behind enemy lines?


Mufti of Australia Ibrahim Salem: “The West Produces Lies As Much as It Produces Technology”

This guy is a representative of a genocidal ideology in the guise of religion, a parasitic cult that  produces zombies who live and die for the sole purpose to exploit and to destroy western society and civilisation from within. And we are told to not to look at our executioners, or else…..


Mufti of Australia Sheik Ibrahim Salem: “The West Produces Lies As Much as It Produces Technology”

Following are excerpts from an interview with the Mufti of Australia Sheik Ibrahim Salem, which aired on Al-Nas TV on January 8, 2013:

Sheik Ibrahim Salem: Koranic studies [in Australia] are flourishing. Islamic culture is spreading in an extraordinary way, because, as you know, Islam only flourishes where there is freedom. There is great freedom there.

Interviewer: But doesn’t the media exert pressure on you, describing you as terrorists?

Sheik Ibrahim Salem: It happens sometimes. It happens a lot. But as the saying goes, “If Allah wants to spread a virtue secretly, He will do so even through the tongues of the envious.” After 9/11, this “tongue of the envious” was very harsh. The West produces lies just as much as it produces technology. Just like Sanyo and Panasonic, they have factories for lies – these are the students of the schools of Hollywood and Chicago. They are to be found all over the world. Following 9/11, they exerted enormous pressure to the point of intimidation.

There was hardly ever any “pressure to the point of intimidation”- GWB couldn’t run fast enough to the next mosque and declare Islam is a “religion of peace”.

4 thoughts on “Who made this a$$hole mufti of Australia?”

  1. This idiot is one of the numerous and obnoxious faces of islam – these people demonstrate on a daily basis why they do not deserve to welcomed into our societies.

  2. The Arab mind a book written in the 1970s explains their hatred of the west, nothing changes except their importation into our countries as population replacers.

  3. “Islam only flourishes where there is freedom…” He missed the rest of the sentence, which could well have been “…to fool, exploit and suck dry the fruits of that freedom. Then when the freedom is choked out of the free country by Islam, it stagnates and looks around for fresh prey.”
    The interviewer could have been less of a pansy and brought him out on Islamic history, but chose the dhimmi approach instead, doubtless in awe of the “mufti”‘s status.

  4. He is looking for the wrong kind of attention generalizing and blaming the West for everything he thinks is gone wrong in the world. Not a good way to win converts or anything else and shows himself to be a con artist and bigot who can’t or won’t accept responsibility for his own actions and problems.

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