Wilders launches anti-mosque website

Wilders launches anti-mosque website

Might have something to do with the fact that if you allow the soldiers of allah to build mosques, it will attract a lot more of them:

Geert Wilders has launched a new website, MoskNee (MosqueNo), which aims to offer advice to non-Muslims who want to mount a legal challenge to plans for a new mosque in their area. From the site:

“The Netherlands is not an Islamic country and should never be. Yet we see the influence of Islam increase hand over hand…. Under the influence of the fast-growing Muslim population – around 1 million people in 2013 – the number of mosques has increased sharply. The Netherlands now has more than 450…. What would be nice is a Netherlands without mosques. The PVV therefore says: enough is enough. As far as we are concerned there will be no more mosques in the Netherlands.”

In an interview with Algemeen Dagblad Wilders states that “the mosque is a symbol of an ideology of hatred, violence and oppression” and that ideally the PVV would like to ban mosques from the Netherlands altogether. However, this has proved legally impossible, so the PVV has adopted a different approach. The purpose of the initiative is to promote “more resistance to the Islamisation of the Netherlands”, Wilders explains. He also admits that MoskNee has been set up in conscious imitation of Gavin Boby‘s Law and Freedom Foundation (aka Mosquebusters) in the UK.

4 thoughts on “Wilders launches anti-mosque website”

  1. The Netherlands have more and more problems with mostly Marrocan Muslims, as Germany with Turks, England with Pakistanis, France with Algerian & Marrocan

    “It takes courage to walk alone” — Black Conservatives

  2. Geert Wilders is a man with balls! He is not walking alone! He is a brave soul but he is not alone!! 🙂

  3. Hope someone in the US does the same and open a anti-mosque website for resources on how to stop this. Many of us know of muslims wanting to open mosques in the US and don’t know how to stop them.

  4. Please deport some of the muslims away from europe. This will have a snowball effect. Any body with balls in their trousers , raise your hands, anyone???

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