Yvonne Ridley Does Pakistan

Ridley currently works for Press TV, the Iranian-funded English language news channel that blames the “Jewish mafia for the death of America”.


Yvonne Ridley urges Muslims to use media to counter “Islamophobia

 “Islam spread 1,400 years ago by word of mouth amongst merchants, who used to travel to far away countries”.

They must have carried every disease the world has ever known, because wherever the soldiers of allah took their message of hate they left nothing but death and destruction.


Yvonne found it necessary to inform us that she’s no longer in the service of the mad mullah’s.

11 thoughts on “Yvonne Ridley Does Pakistan”

  1. “….Islam spread 1,400 years ago by word of mouth”
    Only because most of them were illiterate, and in any case they were not really allowed to read the Koran until they’d become muslims.
    Islamorealism spreads by word of mouth and by blog, because truth is “offensive” and the media won’t broach matters that it wants swept under the rug of dhimmitude.

  2. Oh dear, do keep up – my contract with PTV expired a year ago and was not renewed. Deary me, you’re so behind the times. Really!
    I expect the 10 Islamic dollars in the post asap – I should get an extra 10 for alerting you to your inaccurate material.

    1. Thanks dear, we will.

      So sorry to hear that the mullah’s no longer pay their fair share to support your da’awa efforts.

      Here a small token of our appreciation. Please spend it wisely and don’t squander it with your Taliboyz!

  3. Re: “Jewish mafia for the death of America”.

    Ha. Smearing the Jews? How original.

    When you are unable to say something bad about your enemies, make it up.


    Either way, I would not be too proud that one has worked for PressTV….ever.

  4. And proud of becoming Muslim? Was that when she realised she only had half a brain, and thought she’d make it official?

  5. This woman is a stupid , deluded tosser. The good thing is one of these days one of her islamic mates will decide she should shut it…has she ever shut it? I doubt it. She is in love with the sound of her own voice.

  6. I suspect Yvonne Ridley embraced imaginary Allah and its accompanying barbarism in order to get some fame as a brain damaged polemicist.
    She is rightly thought of by most people as a complete idiot.

  7. ha haaarr! yvonne is so funny! in her islamic garb or whatever you want to call it…..she puts me in mind of the illustration of toad of toad hall, when he escaped jail,disguised as a washerwoman…….
    never seen a woman look so not muslim!haha!!! and she tries so hard!
    silly dingbat…..

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