Australia Welcomes Geert Wilders!


Michael McLaren speaks with Andrew Horwood from the Q Society about the upcoming Geert Wilders speaking tour:

If Bowen real man he’ll call: Wilders

Bowen is not man enough to call. Time to take him out with the trash, along with all the rest of the  horrible Labor proletariat that caused the mess we’re in.


THE anti-Islam campaigner and politician Geert Wilders has challenged the Immigration Minister to meet him during a speaking tour of Australia this month.

Mr Wilders said Chris Bowen, who has described the Dutch MP as an extremist and criticised his writings as offensive and wrong-headed, should meet him to debate his beliefs.

Real man?

The founder of the Dutch Freedom Party, Mr Wilders was forced to cancel a speaking tour last October after the decision to grant him a visa was delayed. At the time, Mr Bowen said he had finally decided to allow the visit because to refuse would give Mr Wilders the opportunity to become a cause celebre.

Mr Wilders has denounced Islam as a “fascist ideology” and described Mohammed as a “pedophile” and “murderer”. He wants a ban on building mosques in The Netherlands as well as the closure of Islamic schools and a curb on immigration from Islamic countries.

 More on Wilders:

One Nation Under ‘Allah’

Its more like “all nations under da’awa” –but the leftarded ‘Mediaite’ tells us that’s progress, or something…..

In other news:

There’s hijaaab promo going on:

It’s “Wear a Hijab Day, Infidel Sharmuta”!

Scaramouche warns: silly infidelles, the freedom sack is obligatory for all chicks, not just Muslim ones!

LEVIN: Obama ‘Is Hagel,’ Muslim Brotherhood ‘Sympathizer’

Video starts automatically, therefore we put it below the fold:

Levin: why the hell are we backing the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Norwegian Muslim leaders: Jewish-run media ‘ruins’ Muslims’ reputation

 “People are ignorant because they get their information from the media, and the media only write negatively about Islam,” said Ali Shah. “Judaism has a better grip on the media.”

He added: “The Jews control the media and that’s detrimental. …”   More islamic fantasy at St Louis Jewish Light thanks to Mullah

I’m totally baffled. What kind of ‘reputation’ are they babbling about?

Same in Iran:

Iranian broadcaster says Jew–er, Zionists control world media

I love this stuff:

Dr. Mohammad Sarafraz, says the Zionist system controls all the mainstream news channels in the world.–The comments are gold. (EOZ)

Out with the trash: Roxon tipped to quit…

Ding dong, the witch falls on her own broomstick……

Andrew Bolt:

Abandon ship!

Roxon has demonstrated this past year how inadequate she is for high office. Her vitriolic attacks on Tony Abbott made her seem shrill, but far worse was her outrageous attempt to introduce wide-ranging new laws to restrict debate on politics, race, religion and even “social origin” that might give “offence” and “insult”.

She has been an almost completely negative factor for the Government – the Minister for Hectoring and Censoring – and her departure will disappoint very few. Sadly, her mooted replacement, Mark Dreyfus, promises little better.

One senior Labor MP told The Weekend Australian late last night that “Rome is burning”…

There’s lots of quitting going on:

Evans quits

Why does Evans say he’s quitting just two days after Gillard’s election call? He must know how terrible this looks for the Prime Minister, especially with Robert McClelland also announcing he’s off.

Evans, a British-born former union official who seems a very decent man, presided over Labor’s deadliest disaster – scrapping the Pacific Solution. This lured so many people back to the boats that up to 1000 people drowned and 17,000 arrived just last year alone.

Evans said at the time:

We abolished the Pacific Solution. I’m absolutely proud of that.

Just what Australia needs:

Fairfax promoting trufer crapola

Tim Blair

Fairfax is running ridiculous truther propaganda. Here’s how this load of lies is being promoted on the Age‘s front page:

This is the third time time that Fairfax has presented hours of truther conspiracy theories.


PRIME Minister Julia Gillard will announce her Cabinet reshuffle at 11am this morning after a dramatic night of resignations that have rocked the government.

Ms Gillard will hold a press conference at Parliament House with outgoing Attorney-General Nicola Roxon and outgoing Leader of The Government in the Senate Chris Evans.

The reshuffle is expected to see Victorian MP Mark Dreyfus, a parliamentary secretary, move into Roxon’s portfolio and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen take over Senator Evans’ portfolios of higher education, skills, science and research.

Housing Minister Brendan O’Connor is likely to be handed Mr Bowen’s old portfolio.

Deputy Senate leader Stephen Conroy is being viewed as the frontrunner to replace Senator Evans as the government’s leader in the Senate.

Boston Globe Journaillie Lisa Wangsness in bed with Islamic terrorists

For a face like this the freedom sack is a blessing:

The Boston Globe Journalist Series: Lisa Wangsness (Youtube vid)

  Globe reporter Lisa Wangsness, exhorted people to call the diocese to get Robert Spencer’s speech canceled, here.

Diocese of Worcester canceled Robert Spencer talk at insistence of self-proclaimed “friend and supporter” of convicted jihad terrorist Tarek Mehanna

Robert Spencer:

An organization called Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) does research on Islamic supremacists and what they describe as “false moderates” – mostly in New England,, where they are based.

Their president, Charles Jacobs, sent me information about Abdul Cader Asmal,* who wrote a libelous and hysterical screed to the diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts demanding that they cancel my appearance at a Catholic Men’s Conference coming up this March 14. I posted it in full here. Asmal turns out to be a self-proclaimed friend and supporter of a convicted jihad terrorist, Tarek Mehanna, who is currently serving 17½ years in federal prison for aiding Al Qaeda.

Boston Globe reporter Lisa Wangsness went to Asmal for comment on my appearance and, according to reports I received, exhorted him and others to contact the diocese and demand that my appearance be canceled. Asmal claimed in his diatribe to the diocese that I was a “hatemonger” — yet he openly proclaims his friendship with and support for a convicted jihad terrorist.

*  Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal lost his medical license in 2011. Why would that be?

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Is the Obama regime deliberately feeding the flames in Egypt?

There will never be ‘democracy’ under Islam. Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama didn’t kick off the “Arab Spring”  for ‘freedom or democracy’, he did it for Islam.  For the Moonbat Messiah, democracy means socialism under Islam. Even  in the U.S. of A. why would you want democracy when you got him already?

Wilful blindness? No. Barack Hussein deliberately set the ME on fire, that’s what ‘community organisers’ do. This is what revolution is all about.

Is the Obama regime deliberately feeding the flames in Egypt?

Victor Sharpe /American Thinker

What the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory in Egypt meant was the end of any hope on the part of secularists, women, and especially Egyptian Christians who were yearning for equal rights and the beginning of a true and enlightened fledgling democracy. Instead, they will now be forced to endure ominous Islamic Sharia law restrictions on their few remaining rights. The Brotherhood’s Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, has made it clear that to oppose the Brotherhood’s rule is to oppose Islam itself. This guarantees that millions of illiterate Egyptians throughout the country, who listen to the vitriol spewed by their Imams in Friday night sermons in the mosques, will automatically follow the Islamist line. The so-called “Arab Spring,” so avidly touted and embraced by President Obama, was never about democracy, despite the banalities expressed by so many talking heads in the Western press and media. It was always about imposing strict and oppressive Islamic law upon Egypt. And now Egypt has fallen under the same feared repressive Sharia law that Libya is slowly…. (Read Full Article)

Related TROP offerings:

Tahrir Square 2013: 56 Dead in One Week…

Egypt 2012: The Year in Fatwas (FrontPage Magazine)

“Another cleric and member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council said that girls can be married and copulate whenever ‘they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men’.”

Egypt & Turkey: Open Season on Christians

Egypt: ‘Bearded Men’ Stab Christian Woman

Random attacks on Egypt’s Christian Copts continue growing, including with very little motive — other than hate, that is. Izzat Ibrahim Izzat, a human rights activist and an official at the Mina branch Word Center for Human Rights, just issued a statement saying that two bearded men, or Salafis — those Muslims who most try to pattern themselves after Islam’ prophet – stabbed a Christian woman named Mary Samir Adib in Alexandria. The two men were riding a motorcycle when they intercepted Mary and stabbed her in her abdomen as she was crossing the street, causing a serious wound in her peritoneal membrane. The Coptic woman was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery. Although Mary’s family filed a complaint with the police, as usual, the head detective refused to go out and inspect the assault scene. Izzat confirmed that this is not the first attack on Coptic women in Alexandria. Indeed there have been several such cases reported this week without any response from authorities.

Latest News:

Blast strikes outside US embassy in TurkeyTwo people reportedly killed and several others wounded in explosion at diplomatic mission in Ankara.

Jihad in Turkey: 85-year-old Christian woman repeatedly stabbed, cross carved onto her corpse

The implications of the cross being carved onto Marissa Kucuk’s corpse are not explored (no surprise there) in this Economist story: the Economist has never shown any willingness to discuss the jihad against non-Muslims. “Horrific attacks against Armenians,” from the Economist, January 29 (thanks to JW):

MARISSA Kucuk was a little old Armenian lady who lived on her own in Samatya…, a picturesque neighbourhood of Istanbul where Christians and Muslims used to rub along peacefully. On December 28th Ms Kucuk, 85, was found dead in her apartment. She had been stabbed, repeatedly. Relatives said a crucifix was carved onto her naked corpse.

Atatürk monument to be removed from Istanbul square

Goodbye, young Turks

Atatürk was a thoroughgoing scoundrel, but he was also the father of Turkish secularism. This is yet another sign of the impending demise of the secular state in Turkey, and the reimposition of Sharia there.

“Atatürk monument to be removed from Istanbul square,” from Hürriyet Daily News, December 8

Turkey’s President calls on West to “curb” criticism of Islam

Gul says he believes in free speech, but “incitement to hate and violence” should not enjoy free speech protections. By this he doesn’t mean the hate sermons of imams calling for jihad against Infidels, but the writings of “Islamophobes,” including accurate analyses of how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to promote violence and supremacism.

Mohammed Merah Was No Lone Wolf

French police arrest two in Toulouse killings probe

Police arrest accomplices of gunman who killed soldiers, rabbi, 3 Jewish children; French minister says Merah not a “lone wolf.”

Pamela Geller:  “The Muslim Ummah Has A Thousand Merahs”


Jihad in France: Muslim involved with jihad group that “had made France a priority target” deported

The voices will increase in number and volume saying that if France would just stop fighting jihad, the “enemy within” would disappear. It would be suicidal for France to heed them, but only in the long run. Such voices, however, persist, not just in France but all over the West. “France deports Moroccan it says has radical Islam ties,” fromReuters, January 31:

(Reuters) – France deported a Moroccan man on Thursday suspected of links to the radical Islamist group Forsane Alizza, the Interior Ministry said, after the threat of domestic attack escalated following its intervention in Mali.

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Boohoo! The Arab didn’t win… that’s racist!


Dimbulb O’Reilly finds it necessary to offer the repugnant Nihad Awad from CAIR a soapbox to air his grievances:

CAIR Top Dog on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor to Discuss Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad with Arab, Camel


Is This Coke Ad Racist? Arab-American Groups Slam Super Bowl Commercial

Another case of manufactured Mustard rage. Look out, 1.5 gazillion Koranimals will murder us all in our sleep if the camel jockey doesn’t get his coke.

Coca-Cola  asks viewers to visit in order to vote for the team they want to get to the Coke first. Critics of the ad say that the turbaned, or “Arab,” man and his camels are maligned as they aren’t one of the choices of teams viewers can vote for:

A Super Bowl 2013 Coca-Cola commercial was described as racist by Arab-American groups  MuBro/Hamas front CAIR. But is the new Coke ad racist or just plain dumb?

Neither. Its entertaining, that’s all.

Is This Coke Ad Racist? Arab-American Groups Slam Super Bowl Commercial [VIDEO]
 Whatever your opinion of the Coke ad in question, it’s causing quite a controversy, and one Arab-American advocacy group  (CAIR)   asked the company to change the ad before Sunday’s Super Bowl showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the plot of Coca-Cola‘s controversial Super Bowl XLVII commercial:

The real Brotherhood reveals itself

Some valuable insights into the MuBro operation here.

A Muslim Brotherhood supporter kisses a picture of President Morsi, who has revealed himself to be more totalitarian than many had hoped.  (NOW)

A nice sociological experiment would be to ask any child of average intelligence what he thinks a fit occupation is for a man who believes all at once that Jews are a subspecies who somehow maintain a monopoly on America’s sources of information, that commercial aircraft piloted by al-Qaeda agents did not destroy the Twin Towers on 9/11, and thateverything one needs to learn about life is encoded in the original “Planet of the Apes” film. I might question your sample pool if your responses varied far beyond “squeegie-wielder” or perhaps “syndicated AM radio talk show host.” Yet it is remarkable the ease with which a whole intellectual-industrial complex has sprung up crediting the fitness of such a person for the presidency of the most populous Arab country.

“ They paid far too much attention to what Brotherhood leaders had to say about democracy without checking under the hood.”

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