White House Warns: Don’t Photoshop Obama Gun Pic

Tim Blair:


Some racial stereotypes are positive. All black guys are naturally athletic, for example.

US president Barack Obama has made it his life’s work to demolish this particular concept.


The MuBro  infested White House has released a picture purporting to show Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama “skeet shooting” at Camp David.  An activity he claims he does “all the time.”

The White House also warns all you mischievous internet types to not mess around with the picture.

Hilarity ensues:

The harder we laugh, the sooner he will fall.

Obama Skeet Shooting Photoshop Mania

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Levin: Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood

Libtards would ask “What difference does it make?”

Mark Levin asks what kind of commander-in-chief would nominate Hagel

Muslim Brotherhood infiltration? ‘It’s Obama himself’

If lawmakers are serious about investigating whether or not Washington has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, they need look no further than Barack Obama himself, charged talk-show host Mark Levin.

Levin noted the scorn congressional colleagues directed at Reps. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and three other House members who asked for an examination of evidence that the parent organization of jihadist groups such as al-Qaida and Hama were wielding influence on U.S. policy from within.

The lawmakers were “treated like pariahs,” Levin recalled.

The talk host contended Obama’s nomination of former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel as defense secretary is evidence that Obama himself embodies the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“You want to look into Obama’s soul?” Levin asked, then look at Hagel.

“What kind of commander-in-chief would nominate somebody like Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense?” he asked.

“I’ll tell you what kind of commander-in-chief, the kind of commander-in-chief that arms the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamonazi regime in Cairo while he’s hollowing out the greatest military force on the face of the earth under his direct command, the United States military.”


Levin called Hagel a “sympathizer with the most radical elements in the Middle East, and an Israel hater.”

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Obama people: Meet Nkosi Thandiwe, a product of “higher” education….


Bleeding heart moonbats who filled his head with evil lies tried to get him off with the absurd insanity defense.  Fortunately, it didn’t work this time:

Nkosi Thandiwe Gets Life for Applying Liberal Race Hate Ideology

Did anyone think there would be no harmful consequences to the endless barrage of anti-Caucasian propaganda excreted by the liberal education/media establishment? Plant evil seeds and evil weeds will grow:

The man found guilty of murdering a woman and wounding two others in a 2011 Midtown [Atlanta] shooting spree was sentenced to life without parole plus 65 years in prison Thursday. …

[Nkosi] Thandiwe was convicted Thursday of fatally shooting [Brittney] Watts, paralyzing Lauren Garcia and injuring Tiffany Ferenczy. …

[P]rosecutors told the court that his July 15, 2011 shooting spree was the result of racism, not insanity as his attorney claimed.

It may seem like splitting hairs to distinguish liberal race ideology from insanity, but the former is not yet considered grounds to escape punishment for murder.

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Planet Stoopid

Daniel Pipes, Cross-posted from National Review Online

What Planet Does John Kerry Live On? 

Kerry: ‘I Have Big Heels To Fill’

The two-day old tenure of Secretary of State John Kerry got off to a flying start today with an astonishing statement from his ambassador to Egypt, Anne W. Patterson, at a joint ceremony in Cairo to mark the delivery of four American-made F-16 aircraft:

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne W. Patterson.

Today’s ceremony demonstrates the firm belief of the United States that a strong Egypt is in the interest of the U.S., the region, and the world. We look to Egypt to continue to serve as a force for peace, security, and leadership as the Middle East proceeds with its challenging yet essential journey toward democracy. … Our thirty-four year security partnership is based upon shared interests and mutual respect. The United States has long recognized Egypt as an indispensible [sic] partner.


(1) Is not anyone in the Department of State aware that Egypt is now run by an Islamist zealot from the bowels of the Muslim Brotherhood whose goals differ profoundly from those of Americans?

(2) Willfully ignorant, head-in-the-ground statements like this are the embarrassment and ruin of American foreign policy.

(3) What a launch for Kerry, whose mental vapidity promises to make Hillary Clinton actually look good in retrospect. (February 3, 2013)

Biden: U.S. Open To Direct Talks With Iran

(CNN) – Under the right conditions, the United States is willing to hold direct talks with Iran, Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday. The United States “would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the Iranian leadership,” he said during a speech at the Munich Security Conference.

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan: Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future

Me thinks the U.S. is becoming a part of the Talibandit “culture”.

Surrender. “Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future, says US envoy to Pak,” from ANI, February 1 (thanks to JW)

Olson said that the end result of any process must be that the Taliban end violence, break ties with Al-Qaeda and accept Afghanistan’s Constitution, and if this happens, the Taliban can be a part of Afghanistan’s future, reports The Express Tribune.

Poster Gravenimage nails it:

“Accept Afghanistan’s Constitution”—even under Karzai, that has meant that there is the death penalty for apostasy and that Hazara men may legally rape their wives. The “Constitution”, in fact, posits that *nothing* may trump Islamic law.

How will *that* be interpreted once the presence of the civilized Americans no longer serves as a (partial) brake to Islamic savagery?

The above, is, of course, a rhetorical question. If we want to know what Afghanistan would look like under such conditions, we need only cast our minds back a scant twelve years.

What was Afghanistan then? It was *hell on earth*.

Arab Peoples Are Heading Toward “Defeat, Decline, and Even Suicide”

Algerian Journalist Khaled Omar Ben Guiga: Arab Peoples Are Heading Toward “Defeat, Decline, and Even Suicide”

He can see the writing on the wall. He knows his ‘Arab peoples’ have never achieved or produced anything of value, but he would never blame Islam, because Islam is ‘perfect’. Or is it?

Transcript below the fold:

This Algerian Journo is not the only one who sees the failure and the complete bankruptcy of the “Islamic model:”

Here we have a a Paki nuclear physicist  who gives a lucid account of the state of Islam in the 21st century. Notice that the interviewer is actually more Islam-friendly than his Muslim interlocutor.

Paki  nuclear physicist: “Islamic Societies Have Collectively Failed”

There is a growing unrest in Islamic lands, and religious forces are gaining ground after the Arab revolution. The Pakistani nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy sees a “collective failure” of Muslim societies. He clarified his thesis during an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE.  (The Gates of Vienna has the whole thing translated in English)

Then we have this Arab here who is delusional in his delusions:

Violence, Anarchy And Hunger Stalk Arab Lands

(The) Golden Age has turned to dust in countries that used to make-up an Arab World that no longer exists — except in our memories and our hearts. The day when the Arab League headquarters becomes a museum is fast approaching.

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand. Unless we face the truth unfolding daily before us the downward spiral will continue. Denial will bring us nothing except self-delusion. Within a region wracked by conflict, instability, chaos and poverty, Arabian Gulf States are the last bastion of reason and enlightenment but even here invisible forces via fifth-columnists are attempting to sow disharmony, which is why we must remain alert and fiercely guard all that we’ve achieved.—More “Arab reason & enlightenment” here.


Algerian Journalist Khaled Omar Ben Guiga: Arab Peoples Are Heading Toward “Defeat, Decline, and Even Suicide”

Following are excerpts from a TV show featuring Algerian journalist Khaled Omar Ben Guiga, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network on January 21, 2013:

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Saudi Cleric Praises Al-Qaeda, Calls For Attacks on Western Airplanes & Justifies Killing of U.S. Ambassador

Soddy Barbaria, our friends and allies in the “WOT”.

Saudi Cleric, Lecturer At Prophet’s Mosque, And Former Dean Of Sharia Faculty At Islamic University At Al-Madina Justifies Killing Of U.S. Ambassador To Libya, Calls For Attacks On Airplanes, Praises Al-Qaeda

The following report is a complimentary offering from MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM).  For JTTM subscription information, click here.

On January 24, 2012, online jihadis posted on YouTube an audio clip of Saudi cleric Muhammad bin Nasser Al-Suhaybani in which he legitimized attacks on Western targets, including diplomats and airplanes, and praised Al-Qaeda. Al-Suhaybani, a former dean of the shari’a faculty at the Islamic University (IU) in Al-Madina, currently holds an official position as a lecturer at the Prophet’s Mosque in Al-Madina. Al-Suhaybani’s lectures can be found on the Saudi government website for the Prophet’s Mosque,www.haramain.gov.sa. Al-Suhaybani’s picture, it should be noted, is unavailable, as he refuses to be photographed for religious reasons.

Al-Suhaybani’s Twitter account

Asked in the clip for his opinion regarding the appropriate response to “insults to the Prophet,” Al-Suhaybani answered that Muslims must muster their zeal and declare war on Westerners, attacking them in their embassies and on their airplanes. He explained that the Western states’ ambassadors do not merit protection by treaty, as diplomats traditionally do according to Islamic law, because they represent the government of a state that allows insults to the Prophet, thereby forfeiting such protection.

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Q-Society & Geert Wilders Reject Racism & Violence

Q-Society Press Release–Melbourne, 4 February 2013 –

Q Society of Australia Inc. is excited about the forthcoming Australian tour of The Hon Geert Wilders MP.

Over the weekend there has been some media and online attention about certain groups planning street protests for and against Islam.

Q Society of Australia would like to make it clear that we are the only organisation involved with Mr. Wilders visit. Any anti-Islam protests or demonstrations are not associated with Q Society in any way. We are an educational-based organisation seeking to inform and share knowledge, not to protest and cause disruption. Our charter is to help inform and educate the Australian public about Islam, which is still very poorly understood.

The discussion is about a religious and socio-political ideology, not biology.

Mr Wilders has distanced himself very clearly in the Dutch media on Sunday from what he describes as “racist idiots” who only seek to abuse his visit.

Q Society and Geert Wilders distance themselves from any white supremacism and racism in all forms; as we distance ourselves from all groups advocating violence.

The spokesman of Q Society, Mr Andrew Horwood, hopes that all Australians, on either side of the discussion about Islam, will act in a sensible and appropriate fashion and refrain from any display of violence, racism or intimidation.

After the deadly attacks on the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn and the Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh, as well as multiple death threats against himself, Mr Wilders now lives and travels under special 24/7 security arrangement.

Australians interested to attend the public events with Mr Wilders in Melbourne, Perth or Sydney can register online at www.qevent.org or call 1300 023 287.

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Andrew Bostom: Why do the media’s Middle East pundits ignore the Jew-hatred intrinsic to Islamic doctrine?

Muhammad Morsi’s Islamic Jew-Hatred, Bernard Lewis’ Islamic Negationism

Why do the media’s Middle East pundits ignore the Jew-hatred intrinsic to Islamic doctrine? (PJ MEDIA)

A month has passed since the Middle East Media Research Institute posted a 2010 video interview of Muslim Brotherhood leader, and now Egyptian President, Muhammad Morsi spewing Antisemitic vitriol. Morsi’s comments included a characterization of today’s Zionists — plainly Jews in his parlance — as “descendants of apes and pigs” — a specific invocation of Koran 5:60, which he had repeated, elsewhere, in print interviews, and commentaries.

That this dehumanizing Koranic depiction was in reference to Jews has been validated by the most authoritative classical and modern exegeses* (“tafsir,” or commentaries) on the Koran, the words of Muhammad himself (as recorded in the sira, or pious Muslim biographies of Islam’s prophet), as well as a large corpus of Islamic theological writings which demonstrate the motif’s application by Muslims over a nearly 1400-year continuum.

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“Unprecedented Levels of Horror” in Syria; Anti-Christian Terror Heats Up in Egypt

Syria: Christians fleeing country as crisis reaches “unprecedented levels of horror”

This article suggests that Christians are being victimized by both sides, but actually they’re more often targeted by the jihadist rebels, who see them as Assad loyalists since he didn’t enforce Sharia restrictions on them, and the Christians know that the rebels will.

“Christians in Syria Fleeing Country as Crisis Reaches ‘Unprecedented Levels of Horror,'”

by Stoyan Zaimov for the Christian Post, January 30 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

As the civil war in Syria has reached “unprecedented levels of horror,” according to the U.N., Christians are being forced to flee their homes as avoiding the violent conflict has become less of an option.

Al Jizz incitement:

Following Israel’s airstrikes over Syrian territory, why has Damascus not shown any intention to retaliate?

Guardian analyst laments that Israel’s ‘far-right’ gov’t won’t make peace with global jihadists

“Progressive” global jihadists and “liberal” Hezbollah leaders are no doubt increasingly depressed about the prospect of having their peaceful acquisition of sophisticated Syrian arms stymied by the belligerent Jewish state.”

Arab media making fun of Iran’s empty threats against Israel

The Syrian response is imminent, and “will put Israel in a coma.” Tehran also announced that thousands of Israelis are preparing to leave the country in anticipation of the massive Syrian response.

Egypt: Anti-Christian hostility heats up amid unrest

Persecution for apostasy and spurious blasphemy charges, amid an ongoing undercurrent of violence. Will the Islamophobia never end?

“Anti-Christian Hostility Heats Up amid Unrest in Egypt,” from Morning Star News, February 3 (JW)

Syria, continued:

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