Roxon defeated by the free speech she tried to gag

All these deceitful, free-speech hatin’ cocksuckers should be stripped of  their ill gotten wealth and put to work digging trenches. Its time to irrigate Australia’s deserts.

Unfortunately, Roxon’s defeat doesn’t mean we have a first amendment waiting around the corner. For that,  we still have a long way to go. What  should really worry us is that the opposition, who should be speaking out forcefully, is eerily silent. Not a good sign.

Janet Albrechtsen:

‘Nicola Roxon’s humiliating backdown should be a textbook example of why free speech matters’

Roxon defeated by the free speech she tried to gag     (Andrew Bolt)

One “Aussie” killer suspect in terror-attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

Aussie a suspect in fatal Bulgarian terror bombing that killed Israelis  (Herald Sun)

AN Australian citizen was part of a Hezbollah-backed terror cell that carried out the bombing that killed five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year, it has been revealed.

An Australian with connections to the Hezbollah militant group is one of the key suspects in a bombing that killed five Israelis and a local bus driver at an airport at a Black Sea resort last year, the Bulgarian Government announced overnight.

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If Islamic males can’t control themselves, is castration the answer?

If Islamic males can’t control themselves, is castration the answer?

Not sure if it suffices, but it would be a start. What else can you possibly do with people who tell you that “ baby girls might get raped, unless they are completely covered?”

By Laurie Roth

General rules for the non-Islamic masses: Koran Chapter 9

We already know the rules stated in Chapter 9 of the Koran for all people of “difference.” Convert to Islam, submit to the Jizyah (their enslavement tax), or be put to death. That is the beginning and end of their negotiation with non-believers. They offer the same level of negotiation for Islamic women.

Non-existent rights for women in Islam

According to Islam’s moral and religious code for Muslims across the world – Sharia Law – we see that women have half the vote of Muslim men, can be beaten and raped by their husbands at will, and be divorced whenever the Muslim husband feels like it. She must submit if the Muslim husband feels like having many wives, and she is forced to wear the burka and veil to cover her body in public.

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Londonistan: “Unstoppable” Soldiers of Allah Implement Islam

There’s an update below the fold. Take a look!

UK: “The police cannot stop us, the kuffar cannot stop us. We are coming to implement Islam immediately…We will implement Islam upon your own necks”

Muslim thugs are roaming the streets of London, enforcing Sharia by means of threats and intimidation — harassing people drinking alcohol and uncovered women. After the initial story broke, Muslim groups hastened to disavow the thugs (while doing nothing to stop them) and police promised to put them out of commission. This latest video taunts the police for their inability to do so.

An update on this story. “‘Christianity can go to hell’ says NEW Muslim Patrol video,” from The Commentator, February 4 (thanks to JW):

Having been exposed, here on The Commentator in January, the group responsible for the now infamous ‘Muslim Patrol’ videos has been subject to police action, resulting in five arrests last week.

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Lars Hedegaard Escapes Assassination Attempt

 “The young man appeared to be of Arab descent”

Who guessed it!

Scroll down for updates!

Highly unlikely that the “gunman” was from the Amish sect, because they don’t teach stuff like this:

Lars Hedegaard pictured here on the right with Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Denmark: Gunman shoots at counter-jihad leader Lars Hedegaard, misses

“He was fined 5,000 kroner ($1,000) in 2011 for making a series of insulting and degrading statements about Muslims.” Note the bias. “Insulting and degrading” according to whom? Islamic supremacists have a long history of considering truths about Islam that they would prefer not be known “insulting and degrading” when noted by non-Muslims.

This AP report also says that the International Free Press Society “claims press freedom is under threat from Islam.” Obviously it is: the bias of this article shows that.

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Don’t panic: your enslavement won’t hurt a bit!

Progressive utopians from the Grunard are pushing hard for the Islamization of what was once great Britain.  dishes up another steaming pile of BS that makes your head hurt. Have a look at the comments, not even the lefty loons buy the immoral equivalence he throws at us.

It’s Islamic? Don’t panic

Parts of the media seem to fear Islamisation above all. Their arguments are rooted in prejudice

Berkeley, Trailblazer in Moonbattery:

“Bridge-building” between Islam & Western Values (or something else?)

Zaytuna College is likely unfamiliar to most Americans, as it is a small, Islamic higher education institute that was founded quite recently. Described as the nation’s “first Muslim college,” Zaytuna, located in Berkeley, Calif., seeks to mesh Islamic values with Western educational tenets. While the school currently has only 31 students and is renting space from a Baptist seminary, it plans to have its own campus next year — an expansive act that showcases the potential growth and trajectory of the emerging school.

On its web site, Zaytuna’s purpose is clearly highlighted as educating and equipping Muslim students to embark on a journey in the modern era. Noting that the Islamic population is growing in the West, the school believes that there are a number of challenges facing Muslim-Americans, particularly when it comes to integrating Islamic and Western cultures.

This Is Zaytuna College: Americas First Muslim Liberal Arts College

Photo Credit: Zaytuna College/Facebook

The college further explains these sentiments on its web site:

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Sergio Redegalli’s latest mural: “Stop the Cover Up Muslim Riots”

Sergio Redegalli’s latest mural: “Stop the Cover Up Muslim Riots”

Sergio Redegalli, the fearless Australian sculptor who originated the “Say No to Burqas” mural, keeps finding it defaced by Leftists and Islamic supremacists, and keeps repainting it. Here is the latest version:
This refers to the Australian media silence and/or obfuscation of recent Muslim riots in the country — which is the same as media silence and obfuscation of Muslim riots in France and elsewhere.

Keep on running

Tim Blair:

Azahara Abdou Maiga offended Timbuktu’s vengeful Islamists:

She sometimes failed to cover her face when venturing out. Most heinously of all, she carried pictures of Western pop stars, notably Celine Dion, on her mobile phone.

For these crimes, the 20-year-old was whipped, jailed and then raped by five Islamist psychopaths.

When French forces turned up in the city last week, however, the Islamists held out for mere hours. Then they ran away.

Keep on Running– The Spencer Davis Group  (Young Steve Winwood)

 The danger has not passed. It is just regrouping. 

Vision of heaven on earth becomes a descent into hell

Peter Hartcher/Sydney Morning Herald

Timbuktu still bitter over Islamists’ sharia rule

Friends with benefits.

Residents of Mali’s ancient city of Timbuktu denounce the Islamist militants who controlled their city for 10 months.

The Islamists talk of restoring the glory of the caliphate, an earthly Islamic paradise that is to reach across the globe from Istanbul to Indonesia.

It will ”enjoin good and forbid evil and eliminate every vice” under a single righteous ruler, according to the group Islamic Awakening.

Far from an earthly paradise, it’s a barbaric vision of the caliphate.

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Pamela bags another big win against Hamas front ‘CAIR’

This is a victory for every counter-jihadist and for every American. That’s why the first amendment is so important.

Pamela Geller  forces Chicago Transit Authority to accept anti-jihad bus ads

Thanks to BCF

The Chicago Transit Authority has (grudgingly) agreed to display plain-spoken anti-jihad ads on city buses, following a lawsuit by the American Freedom Law Center.

FREE SPEECH VICTORY! AFDI does it again! “Morally Reprehensible” Chicago Transit Caves, AFDI #myjihad ads Will Run  (Here’s Pamela’s blog entry)

City officials initially rejected the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s anti-jihad ads, even after the city accepted bus ads that advertized a sanitized portrayal of jihad as exercise and education rather than warfare.

The center’s new anti-jihad ads are “morally reprehensible — advocating racism, hatred and intolerance of cultural diversity,” said a Feb. 4 letter from Karen Seimetz, the general counsel of the city’s bus authority.

But the AFDI had already won two lawsuits “under the First Amendment of the United States,” Seimetz acknowledged.

Seimetz’s office did not return phone calls from The Daily Caller seeking an explanation of her “racism” and “hatred” claims.

“I am looking into suing them for their racist charge,” said Pamela Geller, founder of the AFDI.

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Egypt: what’s Islam got to do with it?

 Hugh Fitzgerald

Egypt has more than 83 milion people but can only support about 20 million, even if it were not a society suffused with Islam.  As a society suffused with Islam it relies on Infidel support. Greasy Islamophobes like us  call that support ‘jiziya’, or, if you prefer: tribute.

Samer Shehata Tries To Pull A Fast One On NPR Listeners 

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