Nine female polio vaccinators killed in Kano, Nigeria

Thanks to the Religion of Peace:

Nine female polio vaccinators have been killed in two shootings at health centres in northern Nigeria, police have told the BBC.

In the first attack in Kano the polio vaccinators were shot dead by gunmen who drove up on a motor tricycle.

Perhaps we should leave them to camel urine, black seeds and hashish. But even that  stuff was around long before the meshugga prophet of Islam appeared.

Thirty minutes later gunmen targeted a clinic outside Kano city as the vaccinators prepared to start work.

Some Nigerian Muslim leaders have previously opposed polio vaccinations, claiming they could cause infertility.

On Thursday, a controversial Islamic cleric spoke out against the polio vaccination campaign, telling people that new cases of polio were caused by contaminated medicine.

Such opposition is a major reason why Nigeria is one of just three countries where polio is still endemic.

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France: “Our friend Qatar is financing Mali’s Islamists”

Qatar — where Arab supremacism, for which islam is a vehicle, becomes old-fashioned economic imperialism:

Qatar wants to see a return on its (Islamic) investment:

“Qatar has an established a network of institutions it funds in Mali, including madrasses (religious schools), schools and charities that it has been funding from the 1980s,”

France launches unprecedented campaign against Qatar role in Mali

Leader of Socialist Party in France slams ‘form of indulgence” from Qatar ‘towards terrorist groups who occupied northern Mali’, asking Emirate for ‘policy clarification’.

PARIS – The Leader of the ruling Socialist Party in France, Harlem Desir, slammed on Sunday “a form of indulgence” from Qatar “towards the terrorist groups who occupied northern Mali,” asking the Gulf Emirate for a “policy clarification “.

Desir noted that “political statements of a number of Qatari officials had challenged the French intervention” in Mali.

“There is an attitude that is not cooperative and that can be considered as a form of leniency towards the terrorist groups who occupied northern Mali. This attitude coming from Qatar is not normal,” added Desire at a weekly political programme on one of the Jewish community radio in France, Radio J.

We need a policy clarification from Qatar who has always denied any role in funding terrorist groups. On the diplomatic level, Qatar should adopt a much stronger, and firmer position towards these groups who threaten the security of the Sahel region,” added Desir.France Now Criticizes Qatar For Its Role In Mali


S.E. Cupp: Al Qaeda is cooperating with the Polisario.

New reports emerged this week from the Malian foreign minister Tiéman Coulibaly suggesting that Polisario fighters are among the terrorist groups to overtake northern Mali, where numerous Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda-related groups have gathered in an acknowledged effort to turn the territory into a Sharia state.

If you’ve never heard of the Polisario, you’re not alone. The Polisario is a socialist national liberation movement that’s been working to end Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara, a disputed territory just south of Morocco, in an at-times bloody conflict that’s been raging for nearly four decades, and largely ignored by the West. (More)

Diana West on Michael Coren Discusses Attempted Assassination of Lars Hedegaard

Thanks to the TT:

Diana West has a Lars Update:

He is well, he is in an undisclosed location, he is back to work. Not bad for a 70-year-old man who was fired on “from less than a yard” away” while collecting a (phony) package delivered to his home. Far from stopping Lars, the gunfire triggered Lars’s life-saving right hook to the gunman’s face … (see column below for details). I asked Lars yesterday if he knew more about his 25-year-old assailant. He wrote: “He is an immigrant from a Muslim country – Arabian or Pakistani. There is no doubt. You may quote me.”

The gunman is also half a century younger than Lars. It suddenly struck me, as I reflected on the violence that Islam has brought into Western society: The heroes of the Danish counter-jihad are  elderly men — old Vikings, it turns out, but “senior citizens” by any measure. Westergaard, Hedegaard, Sweden’s Lars Vilks (b. 1946), too, an artist whose life is also imperiled by Muslims for his drawings and beliefs — are all men of advanced years. They are also all men of the pen and paint set.

Is it right to let them fight it out alone?

The Associated (with terrorists) Press thinks Hedegaard brought it onto himself:

“Hedegaard heads the International Free Press Society, a group that claims press freedom is under threat from Islam.”

What does it take to prove it – a more effective assassin?

Nutroots protest Geert Wilders visit Downunder

“Protest Geert Wilders’ visit to Sydney: No to Islamophobia, No to Racist Hate…”
They have a Facebook page where dissenters are allowed to post!  Apologies from the host; censorship is threatened:
 I apologise for all the offensive posts, including racist and sexist material. I will continue to delete explicitly offensive posts and comments as I see them, but I can’t monitor the page 24-7. There are a number of people from the far right trolling here….

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The haughty silence of the enemies of free speech

Australia’s ‘hate-speech laws’ are a disgrace.  That there is such legislation on the statute books at the federal level and in most states and territories indicates that they were pushed through the parliamentary process by powerful lobby groups.

There is hijabbery going on:

Chose wisely, your life depends on it!

Saudi-sponsored “interfaith dialogue” is about silencing the truth

Saudi Hypocrisy At Its Best

For Soddy Barbarians, dialogue means da’awah.

Posted By Raymond Ibrahim / Daily Mailer,FrontPage

Few things offer surreal experiences as when Islam and the West interact—when 7th century primordialism encounters 21st century relativism.  Consider the issue of “interfaith dialogue.” In principle, it is a decent thing: Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others trying to reach a common ground and professing mutual respect. But what does one make of the gross contradictions that emerge when a human-rights violating nation calls for “dialogue,” even as it enforces religious intolerance on its own turf?

Enter Saudi Arabia.  Birthplace of Islam, the Arabian kingdom is also the one Muslim nation that regularly sponsors interfaith initiatives in the West—even as its official policy back home is to demonize and persecute the very faiths it claims to want to have an interfaith dialogue with.

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Muslim Brotherhood operative leads Arizona lawmakers in anti-Jewish, anti-Christian prayer

On Thursday, February 7th, 2013 – the Arizona State Senate’s prayer invocation was led by Anas Hlayhel - the Chairman of the Arizona Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-AZ.)

Hamas-linked CAIR-Arizona chairman leads Arizona lawmakers in anti-Jewish, anti-Christian prayer

The Fatihah, the first sura of the Qur’an, contains this:

“Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those against whom Thou art wrathful, nor of those who are astray.” (1:6-7)

The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the “straight path” is Islam — cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito’s book Islam: The Straight Path. The path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians.

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