10 People Who Are Secret Muslims

Remarkable that this appeared in the moonbattish New York Magazine

Hillary Clinton: Secret Muslim.

It’s pretty well known at this point that a majority of people who publicly claim not to be Muslim are actually Muslim. Here are ten prominent examples.

1. Barack Hussein Obama
The world’s most famous secret Muslim. There’s so much proof this one barely even counts as a secret anymore.

2. Michelle Obama
There’s no proof for this one, but we can just assume.

3. John Brennan
The man who has played a central role in killing thousands of Muslims with sky robots actually converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia in the nineties, according to a former FBI agent.

4. Anthony Weiner
Though outwardly he appears the epitome of a New York Jew, Weiner converted to Islam when he married his (openly) Muslim wife, Huma Abedin,according to respected person Robert Spencer. Other respected people, such aspublic relations consultant Eliana Benador, agree that this is what happened, because after Weiner’s crotch shots, a New York imam was like (paraphrasing), “Eh, it’s cool, he’s a fellow Muslim.”

5. Grover Norquist
Norquist may be the world’s foremost anti-tax crusader, but one crusade he doesn’t like is … the Crusades, any of them. Norquist claims to be a “boring white bread Methodist,” but, like Weiner, he converted to Islam in order to marry Palestinian Samah Alrayyes and is also probably a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

6. Hillary Clinton
Clinton revealed her Muslimness in this photo taken at the grave of Pakistani poet Muhammad Iqbal in 2009.

7. Valerie Jarrett
Obama’s right-hand woman was born to American parents in pre-revolution Iran. Ergo, Muslim.

8. Bobby Jindal
Jindal claims he’s a Hindu turned Catholic, but an anonymous blogger at jindalisamuslim.wordpress.com has been promising since March of 2011 to post “proof-positive” information about the Louisiana governor’s true religion and we’re sure he’s going to get around to it any day now. In the meantime, theInternet’s commenters agree: Muslim.

9. Some Random Family Court Judge in Florida
His name is Elijah Williams. Case closed.

10. Prince Charles
The Prince of Wales and future Caliph of the British Caliphate has said nice things about Islam and toured a mosque once and appreciates ancient Islamic calligraphy, so he’s a Muslim too.

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  1. Nope, Ratzinger is not a great fan of mosques – but I think he is getting out before the fists start flying – I suspect that he understands that a conflict is coming between the perverts of islam and mankind, and he has been unable to defuse or change the course of events to prevent the conflict. It is about time that the moderate muslims shut down the islamists, and found the courage the rewrite the quran into a document with which one can coexist and develop together with other systems, rather than trying to destroy them.

  2. I love mosques as well. when demolished, they are fantastic places for Architectural salvage.

    You can get all sorts of things to increase the personal touch within your home.

    Like those prayer mats, which when strategically placed, prevent the dogs from making a mess after a long walk.

  3. And who is the squat dwarf with the bushy black beard standing, or kneeling, at the left-side of the first photo?

  4. The first picture is at the tomb of Allama Iqbal (Muhammad Iqbal) near the the entrance of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

    Allama Iqbal wrote:
    You the dwellers of the West, should know that the world of God is not a shop (of yours).
    Your imagined pure gold is about to lose its standard value (as fixed by you).
    Your civilization will commit suicide with its own daggers.

    Allama Iqbal was obviously anti-capitalist.
    Hillary is one of the daggers.

    1. No wonder she prays for him. But she (and her ilk) will not like that ‘anti-capitalist’ world she hopes to bring about. And its highly doubtful that the ‘progressives’ or the soldiers of allah will give her (or any useful idiot) a place in it.

  5. @ ironside, the pope is busy raping little boys!
    With the rest of the priests, hence why normal people are having to resort to other religions.
    But seriously you have a huge problem & far too much time on your hands!
    Get a job, you seem rather miserable! Poor useless soul

  6. Jeez, I’m hoping none of you are parents?
    That would be rather disturbing, to think the next generation are being raised by a bunch of uneducated, small minded, racist twits.

  7. @Ben

    What race are you referring to? Because Islam is NOT a race, it is a religious and cultural choice.

    As for name calling, considering you are unable to differentiate between what is a religion and what is a race, you really are not in a position to question anyone else’s intellectual capacity.


    What a Muslim making outlandish claims? How unoriginal. Can you prove that the pope rapes little boys or is that just hearsay? Names and dates please.

    Where did you come up with “hence why normal people are having to resort to other religions.”? By other religions you must be referring to the explosive growth of Wicca?

    Uh, no. ‘Normal’ people, challenged the Catholic church which they did enmass and were vocal and censorious. They stood up and demanded an apology and that the ‘right’ course of action be taken from the top down.

    They were able to differentiate between a flawed man and their faith, which for many was left unshakable. Did some people question and reject their faith? Absolutely. But, get this…their coreligionist did not set out to murder them for rejecting their religious faith as Apostates.

    Please cite your source, where they (Catholics) abandoned their faith.

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