The Foreign Aid Racket: its worse than you think!

The Foreign Aid Racket

Its how slick Willie wants you to see it:

Posted By Bruce Bawer In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

Are you one of those people who look askance at foreign aid because you think most of it ends up in the pockets of dictators, warlords, terrorists, and the like, and because even when it does get into the right hands, it tends to encourage dependency and work against economic growth? Well, have I got a book for you. Jonathan Foreman’s Aiding and Abetting makes a strong case that things are even worse than you thought – lots worse.

Foreman’s focus is on aid by the U.K., and his point is unambiguous: that in a time of severe budget cuts, the British Parliament’s determination to raise foreign aid to 0.7% of the country’s budget is insane. But everything Foreman says about pouring Brits’ hard-earned pounds and pence down a rathole applies in equal measure to Americans’ dollars and cents – actually, greater measure, for in a world of givers, nobody gives more, and hence more wastefully, than Americans. Besides the giveaways – throwaways? – of taxpayer loot, moreover, Foreman also examines groups like Oxfam, CARE, UNICEF, and Save the Children, many of which not only take direct contributions from the likes of you and me but also accept hefty subsidies from Western governments.

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Moscow: large scale razzia nets hundreds of Islamic terror suspects


Thanks to Vlad we got video:

Actual Arrests:

Syrian ‘freedom fighters’ are Chechen Jihadis

Russian authorities launched a large-scale operation against suspected terrorism supporters. During the offensive, in which the Russian FSB (Secret Service) was involved, several hundred suspects were arrested.  Many were  later released.

271 remain  in custody, they are Muslims exclusively and their arrests seem to corroborate the allegations, however.


It was a large-scale nighttime razzia in the center of the Russian capital. Because of a suspected terrorist plot in St. Petersburg nearly 300 Muslims have been arrested. The 271 suspects included Uzbek, Afghan, Egypt, Tajik and Azerbaijani citizen,  the investigating agency said on Saturday. (More in German from PI)

San Jose: another innocent Muslim framed by evil FBI agents

A mentally ill man who thought he was meeting someone linked to the Taliban was arrested Friday morning after federal agents say he tried to detonate some sort of car-bomb at a Bank of America branch near Oakland’s airport.

But the explosive was a fake, prosecutors said, adding that the FBI had been eyeing Matthew Aaron Llaneza, 28, of San Jose for a while during an undercover investigation monitored by theFBI’s South Bay Joint Terrorism Task Force.

“He has stated that he supports the Taliban, wants to engage in violent jihad and wants to conduct a terrorist attack inside the United States,” the FBI affadavit said.

Hamas front ‘CAIR’ is onto it.

Brigitte Gabriel: there is unreleased information regarding Benghazi Gate that will leave people “amazed and shocked.”

Benghazi Threatens Clinton’s Popularity

Beats me why this totally incompetent “progressive” hack enjoys “popularity” at all. All it does is reaffirm the ignorance of mainstream Americans who are indifferent as to what goes on in their government. On my list she is about as popular as Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer.

Noted author and Islamic terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel during a Saturday appearance on Fox News discussed both President Barack Obama’s controversial use of unmanned drones and the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens:

The charade continues:

This is an unmistakable insult to the honor of the Marine Corps.

Iraq PM ‘Invites’ Iran to Seize US Embassy in Baghdad


 Iraq allegedly has agreed to allow 50,000 Iranian Basij militia troops into the country to help suppress riots against the government and seize Arab and other foreign embassies, including that of the United States. The two leaders allegedly agreed to allow the Basij forces to attack and occupy the foreign embassies considered hostile to Iran in Baghdad, and to detain their staffs.  (TT)

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South Florida, the 24 hour “Why Islam” campaign & the growing number of converts

Thanks to Mullah

There are 34 Islamic centers and about 200,000 practicing Muslims in South Florida.

“We are just like everyone else in what we believe in,” said Capella. “We have the same values that we share Jesus.”

There is a difference.

Capella, a devote  (sic) Muslim, said there are many misconceptions about her faith. She said she is happy the billboards are up, and hope it will spark conversation.

“We welcome all the questions because it’s an opportunity to describe our religion, describe our way of life and show how normal we are, and how similar we are to each other,” said Capella.

Abdul Rauf Khan is with the ‘Why Islam?’ campaign.

“We have 24 hour operations,” said Rauf Khan. “We have both English and Spanish.”

Rauf Khan said their job isn’t to convert.

 Rauf Khan is lying.

Rabbi Rosenberg and his ‘interfaith’ efforts for peace

Muslim Brotherhood theorist Sayyid Qutb explained:

“The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.”

 Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg has had enough of  insolent behaviour by Muselmaniacs who insist its their way or the highway.  A  Muslim’s honour may lay in insulting the kuffar, but we must never kowtow to them or give in to their  absurd demands.

“Interfaith” activities are nothing but da’awa. By  giving in to Muselmanic mores we are contaminating ourselves.  By fraternising with Islamic da’waa merchants everything that we hold dear becomes unholy.

Rabbi’s reversal riles Shoa memorial event

Organizers to vote on restoring ‘Hatikva’ to interfaith program

by Debra Rubin/NJJN Bureau Chief/Middlesex

Two years ago, Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg of Edison suggested that Israel’s national anthem be omitted during the area’s interfaith Holocaust commemoration, because, he said, Muslim imams at the event remained seated while it was being sung.

At the time, he told NJJN, he said he was making the suggestion “for the sake of peace.”

“I thought, this is a Holocaust event, not a political event, so let’s just take it out,” Rosenberg, the son of survivors, said. “I’ve always had friendly relations with the imams.”

The singing of “Hatikva” was removed from the program for the last two years.

But in a reversal of his position, Rosenberg is now calling for a boycott of the event he helped found, if the singing of “Hatikva” is not reinstated.


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Useful idiots, no-go zones in Dearborn, death for apostates & the jihad against free speech

JW links:

Islam, the Religion of the Professors:

Harvard law prof, Sharia apologist Noah Feldman denounces Egyptian anti-Muslim Brotherhood protestors as “counterrevolutionaries”

Noah Feldman, who was instrumental in drafting Iraq’s Sharia constitution,consistently ignores Sharia provisions mandating the subjugation of non-Muslims. And in this piece he makes it clear: he wants to see Sharia implemented in Egypt. “Egyptian Democrats May Pave the Way for Army’s Coup,” by Noah Feldman forBloomberg, January 31

Noah Feldman sings the praises of the sharia  — “I had a small role advising the Iraqi drafters.”

Muslim Aboudi Berro wants protesters murdered:

Dearborn Muslim calls for killing anti-Islam protesters

Sharia mandates death for those who criticize Islam, and other Sharia provisions are coming to Dearborn, so why not this one? Will Dearborn authorities investigate Aboudi Berro? Don’t hold your breath.

“Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters,” by David Wood atAnswering Muslims, February 10:

The reason protesters show up at the festival is that Dearborn leaders (with occasional help from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce) spent years violating the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens

UK TV Terror:

UK: Muslim TV channels promote death for apostates from Islam and those who insult Muhammad

And after letting it go on since at least 2010, the “communications watchdog” Ofcom is now shocked! shocked! that such views have been broadcast. The Telegraph doesn’t mention, of course, and probably doesn’t know, that such views are standard Sharia provisions, such that it would be more surprising if the Muslim channels did not broadcast them than if they did. No one wants to examine the implications of that.

“Preachers of hate who spread their violent word on British TV channels,” by David Barrett and Ben Leach for the Telegraph, February 9

Muslim fundamentalists have used British television channels to preach in favour of violent crime and killing “apostates”.

The cases identified by Ofcom include:

* An Islamic scholar who told viewers: “It is your duty … to kill those who insult Prophet Mohammed.”

* A preacher banned from coming to Britain who used the channel – which he co-owns – to say anyone who left Islam should be put to death.

* A phone-in presenter who advocated “eliminating” anyone who disrespected Mohammed.

EU court rules against Iran bank sanctions for second time, mullah’s delighted…

EU dolts playing right into their hands.–More here.

 The Jihad Against Free Speech:

Hamas-linked CAIR, other Islamic supremacist groups waging war against free speech

It is good to see the mainstream media finally beginning to notice the Islamic supremacist and Leftist war on free speech.

“The Jihad On Free Speech,” from Investor’s Business Daily, February 7:

Islamofascism: Islamists have launched a hostile takeover of American language through an increasingly aggressive and organized censorship campaign that threatens free speech.

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Jihad Rapes His Sister, Impregnates Her and Honor Kills Her

Not to worry: he’ll be out in no time.

Jihad Rapes His Sister, Impregnates Her and Honor Kills Her

Posted By Daniel Greenfield / The Point

Jihad al-Issa raped, impregnated and then murdered his sister Baghdad. That’s his Jihad. What’s yours?

There is no Valentine’s Day in Islam, because every day is Valentine’s Day for Muslims. Take this love story from Lebanon that shows how Muslim men are really streamlining the abuse of Muslim women and getting rid of all the middlemen.

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