Geert Wilders Highlights Loss of Freedom in Australia

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Geert Wilders touches down in Australia next weekend and the thought of the popular Dutch parliamentarian challenging Australian views on Islam has our politicians, media barons and bankers already running for cover.

The image of a small number of enraged Muslims and Marxist rent-a-crowds protesting in our streets has spooked many in corporate Australia before a single ‘Geert Go Home’ placard is held up.

The latest in this sorry saga is a Sydney radio station. The event organiser had signed a contract and paid to broadcast short radio ads over two weeks advertising the Geert Wilders tour. Scheduled to commence on 7th February – they never went to air. No explanation given. Eight hundred and thirty State and Federal politicians were invited to attend an evening event with a fellow MP and leader of a democratic European party, which represents one Million Dutch voters. Four (4) Australian MPs have accepted.

With this in mind, who has the courage to discuss Islam?

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Geert Wilders: No Compromise with the Truth

Thanks to Diana West

Geert Wilders in Bonn, February 2, 2013. Video via Vlad Tepes.

In this address, Geert reveals that a German publisher translated Geert’s excellent Regenery book Marked for Death (2012) into German only to learn from the firm’s lawyers that the publisher would face criminal prosecution for bringing Geert’s book out in Germany as written.

Such is the repressive nature of German law under the influence of the twin totalitarianisms, Marx and Islam.

Geert rejected the proposed compromises with the facts and his beliefs. These, Geert said, included:

“For example, when in the English edition I criticize Islam and say truthfully `Islam,’ the German edition can only read “Islamism,” or “orthodox Islam,” or “sharia-Islam,” or whatever may be the case.

“Whenever I make the case that no more mosques should be built in Germany or Holland, I am only allowed to say: The construction of new mosques should be accompanied with great skepticism.” …

He continued:

“I am convinced there is only one Islam and the so-called `radical Islam” is a pleonasm and is nothing other than the real, authentic Islam since it is in complete accordance with the teachingd of Mohammed and the Koran.

“I reject the censorship of my views on this matter.”

But that’s not why Geert Wilders, who is about the nicest guy in the world, is Marked for Death. The reason is the rest of West allows him and a few Scandanavian senior citizens to risk their lives trying to preserve our most basic liberties. There is simply no safety is sparse numbers.

What was it that the idiotic AP report said about “claims” that freedom of speech is under threat from Islam again?

Norwegian Whackjob: we have no right to control a territorial area

Norway’s leading expert on “territorial rights” would allow persecuted group of people to form their own state on Norwegian soil:

Universities in Norway are full of professors and lecturers with backgrounds from radical communist organizations. But even here, Kim Angell’s Moonbattery stands out:

The questions asked by Argument were as follows: “Do we as Norwegians have the right to decide who crosses our borders, and is there a valid moral argument that gives us the right to control a territorial area?”

Angell believes that being born in Norway is like winning the lottery ten times. “It is one thing to be children of privileged parents; it is something else to be born a Norwegian. The latter is like winning the lottery ten times.”  Consequently he claims that it is morally problematic to close the borders to refugees, as this would constitute defending our luck.  (GoV)

Somewhere in Arabia, Muhammad must be laughing in his grave.

More from the ‘Religion of Peace:

Hardliners Target Arab Spring Countries  (Globe and Mail)
Islamic militias tighten their grip in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

Islamic Censorship Charges On  (National Review)
“When one side of the argument is censored or restrained, conspirators are allowed to perpetrate a fraud on the majority.”

Egypt’s ‘Christian Winter’  (National Post)
“Islamists take by violence and guns and the government does not protect Christians.”

CAIR Gets Cozy with the OIC  (Pam Geller)
The Islamic Supremacist group should feel right at home with some of the world’s worst dictators.

Video of Mali Girl’s Stoning  (
(Graphic video) This was reported to us as video of a 15-year-old girl buried up to her neck and stoned by Islamists in Mali. This was the practice established by Islam’s prophet Muhammad.

Victims of Intolerance  (WV Gazette)
Being Baha’i in Iran can get you killed.

Crime and Punishment in Northern Mali  (The Hindu)
“The 10-month occupation was not a descent into anarchy but a lucidly planned, and often terrifying, attempt at realizing a vision of a more just, pure, and orderly society.”

The Shame of Spain  (American Thinker)
If the right to speak truthfully in Spain is conditional on who will be offended, then it is no longer a free society.

“Islamist” Verboten!

Not that I care. I never use the word. We are not dealing with “Islamists”, we are dealing with Islam and Muslims. That’s it.

Robert Spencer explained it here:

But censorship is real,  the soldiers of allah had some remarkable successes and keep pushing the boundaries:  Turkey and the OIC are working overtime to have “Islamophobia” recognized as a “crime against humanity”.

In other news:

Paki curry princess Sayeda Warsi  takes another dump on the stupid kafirs who made her and her extended tribe so comfy that she thinks she can go on insulting them:  a few well-chosen thoughts about the “Conservative” Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and her views on Islamophobia: Blaming the “Islamophobes”

For the Islamists Muslims, total power is the ultimate goal. They will feign respect for “democracy” (e.g., elections), but ultimately their path is one that seeks to change the rules of the game to an Islamocentric system rather than one centered in reason, under God, with unalienable rights for all.

Islamist Censorship Charges On  by Karen Lugo/via Mullah

Now sharia advocates are trying to stop the use of the word “Islamist.”

In just the latest episode of censorship in the prophet’s name, Muslim activist groups now want reporters to stop using the word “Islamist.” “Islamist” is an important and useful word — it identifies the politically motivated Muslims who are intent on injecting sharia into Western law and culture, and distinguishes them from other followers of Islam.

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Adelaide: Islamic College Orders Teachers to Wear the Freedom Sack or Else….

Now you know who rules Australia.

But who will go to court, in the U.S. or Australia or anywhere else, to protect the right of women and girls not to wear the hijab and to punish those who would deny it?  (JW)


South Australia’s biggest Islamic school warns Muslim and non-Muslim teachers that they’ll be fired if they don’t wear hijab to school functions

And we are told its all about “choice”.

It will be interesting to see if any of the tossers in government  will man up and speak out against this outrage. It is particularly galling that every Fatima and every Muhammad between Ayers Rock and Timbuktu will swear by the prophets beard  that the wearing of the hideous shrouds are entirely voluntary, but what we are seeing here is that the local Muselmaniacs are enforcing the sharia.

The Muslims of West Croydon are making a mockery of  everything we hold dear.

Teachers at Islamic College of South Australia’s West Croydon campus ordered to wear hijab or face sack

SOUTH Australia’s biggest Islamic school has warned teachers, including many non-Muslims, that they will lose their jobs if they do not wear a hijab to school functions and outings.  (Newscom thanks to Mullah)

Up to 20 non-Muslim female teachers, who do not wish to be named, have been told they will be sacked from the Islamic College of South Australia’s West Croydon campus after three warnings if they do not wear a headscarf to cover their hair.

The order, from the school’s governing board and chairman Faruk Kahn, contradicts the policy of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

Mr Kahn yesterday referred The Advertiser to AFIC for comment on the matter. “I have no comment … I think you better go to AFIC, they are the only ones that are to make comment,” Mr Kahn said.

School principal Kadir Emniyet did not return calls.

AFIC assistant secretary Keysar Trad said the policy was at odds with the national federation, but it was powerless to intervene.

As Islam Grows, U.S. Imams In Short Supply

They say they need ‘spiritual leaders’, but there is no spirituality in Islam. So what’s in it for us?

Islam in America is growing exponentially. From 2000 to 2010, the number of mosques in the United States jumped 74 percent.

Today, there are more than 2,100 American mosques but they have a challenge: There aren’t enough imams, or spiritual leaders, to go around.

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Racism, #MyJihad, Muslim Outreach & Justin Biebers Penis

Don’t call this darling of the left a bully:

 Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer who went on a shooting rampage and killed three people  is now believed to be hiding in California’s snow-covered mountains. DON’T CALL HIM A BULLY  (Jesse Jackson Senior feels Christopher Dorner’s pain and Charlie Sheen wants him to call….)

Eager Bieber

“Honest Media”

Coulter: ‘You Really Wonder If Democrats Would Win Any Elections If We Had An Honest Media In This Country’– Read More

Israeli officials are convinced Hussein Obama is coming to Israel for the first time in over four years to warn Netanyahu against attacking Iran.
If it wasn’t for whites, blacks would be the most talented people in the world:
One of them is Eric Holder:
 After calling Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama “Our Lord and Savior” at last November’s Soul Train Awards, Foxx, during his acceptance speech as Entertainer of the Year at last Friday’s NAACP Image Awards, said, “Black people are the most talented people in the world” 
Creepy Crowley offended:
On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, host Candy Crowley asked her guests, “Do you find anything offensive with” what the doctor said or did —Read More
Coming from a c*#%t like her:
#My Jihad:

Chicago is emerging as the city on the cutting edge of Muslim outreach in America.

Muslim Riots Downunder: ”there is absolutely nothing stopping it happening again”

Leaders ‘have done nothing to fix riot causes’ –– like its our responsibility to stop Muselmaniacs from blowing us up.

Rachel Olding/Sydney Moonbat Herald (via Mullah)

LAST year’s violent Muslim riot in Sydney could easily happen again because nothing has changed since the event, community leaders and security experts have warned.

Muslim protesters on the streets of Sydney

Out of control … young Muslim protesters Koranimals head for the US Consulate in Sydney on September 15 last year. Photo: James Brickwood

Despite begging the public for space and time to work with disaffected youths who participated in the September protest, the Lebanese Muslim Association, which spearheaded a historic coalition of leaders in the aftermath, has done ”absolutely nothing” to reach out to potential extremists, said a community leader, Jamal Rifi.

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