“Far Right, Far Right” — the Far Left ‘AGE’ Can’t Stop Flinging Dirt at Geert Wilders

The Age slaps false labels on the “Right”, none on the Left

More creative – and selective – use of labels, this time from The Age:

FAR-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders has called the Prophet Muhammad a murderer and used Anzac soldiers as an example of the courage needed to speak out against Islam at a speech to Melbourne supporters.

Tight security surrounded Mr Wilders’ hour-long speech to members of the ultra-conservative local group the Q Society of Australia…

In fact, Wilders is not far-Right, I discussed this very point with him on Monday. He’ll own up to being culturally conservative, but his policy platforms aren’t standard far-Right fare. He is a strong supporter of Israel, small government and free speech (reports that he wants the Koran banned are false). He has kept his distance from true far-Right parties such as France’s National Front.

But now note the other half of The Age’s game with labels:

Protest organiser Feiyi Zhang said: “we’re here to show we will not stand for Wilders’ racism and Islamophobia”.

If Wilders is to be labelled far-Right, why isn’t this protest organiser equally labelled far-Left? After all, that label, at least, would be accurate.


Irony alert:

Protest organiser Feiyi Zhang … said his speech could incite violence against Muslims…

Doesn’t she mean violence from Muslims – and from her radical Left?

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Director of Hamas-linked CAIR’s Missouri chapter wants Sharia punishments for those who publish “anti Islamic and anti Muslim content on the internet”

Director of Hamas-linked CAIR’s Missouri chapter wants Sharia punishments for those who publish “anti Islamic and anti Muslim content on the internet”

Yet this unsavory gang of Hamas-linked thugs is still treated as a “civil rights” organization by the mainstream media and all too many government and law enforcement officials.

The true nature of Hamas-linked CAIR is obvious. The Justice Department named CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case. CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Severalformer CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements, and itsCalifornia chapter distributed posters telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI.

Hamas-linked CAIR masquerades as an organization loyal to American Constitutional principles. So will they reprimand and fire Faizan Syed for his call for the violation of the freedom of speech of those he hates? Don’t hold your breath.

“Director of CAIR Missouri wants to prosecute Americans who insult Islam…using sharia law,” from Creeping Sharia, February 19 (thanks to Pamela Geller):


Bernardi tests Abbott’s patience by backing Dutch MP Geert Wilders

Too little too late;  and Abbott’s silent  cowardice is just pathetic.

CHIP LE GRAND From: The Australian

Why Geert Wilders is Right

One of the latest debacles was another Perth venue breaking its contract at the last minute, leaving many hundreds with nowhere to go.  It is not just the oppressive and undemocratic nature of Islam which is responsible for this reprehensible attack on freedom of speech. The Islamists are being aided and abetted by leftist activist groups. Indeed, they have been the main ones threatening to disrupt and shut down any event featuring Wilders.

COALITION Senator Cory Bernardi tested the patience of his parliamentary leader Tony Abbott by affirming his support for Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who has been forced to cancel a speaking engagement in Perth because no venue was willing to provide him a stage.

Senator Bernardi, whom Wilders this week described as an old friend, had distanced himself from the anti-Islam campaigner since late last year, when he was given a visa to visit Australia. However, the cancellation of Wilders’ tour date today prompted the Senator to lament the “double standard” of free speech in Australia.

“Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ public speaking tour has run into constant problems as venues continue to pull out or refuse to host his events,” Senator Bernardi wrote to subscribers of his weekly “common sense” newsletter. “In such a tolerant and open society like Australia, why is it so difficult to accommodate a speaking tour by a member of the Dutch parliament who has a different perspective?”

Senator Bernardi contrasted the difficulty Wilders had in obtaining a visa with the Federal Government’s preparedness to issue them to Taji Mustafa, a senior figure in Hizb ut-Tahrir, and Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, who has described Jews as “rats of the the world.”

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Islam’s Useful Idiots

Creeping Sharia:  Amil Imani  writing at Canada Free Press, Islam’s Useful Idiots.

Islam’s Useful Idiots

Islam enjoys a large and influential ally among non-Muslims: A new generation of “Useful Idiots,” that Lenin identified living in liberal democracies who furthered the work of communism. This new generation of Useful Idiots also live in liberal democracies, but serves the cause of Islamofascism—another virulent form of totalitarian ideology.

Useful Idiots are naïve, they are foolish, they are ignorant of facts, they are unrealistically idealistic, they are dreamers and they are willfully in denial or deceptive. They hail from the ranks of the chronically unhappy. They are anarchists, they are aspiring revolutionaries, they are neurotics who are at war with life, the disaffected alienated from government, corporations, and just about any and all institutions of society. The Useful Idiot can be a billionaire, a movie star, an academe of renown, a politician, or from any other segment of the population. Arguably, the most dangerous variant of the Useful Idiot is the “Politically Correct.” He is the master practitioner of euphemism, hedging, doubletalk, and outright deception.

The Useful Idiot derives satisfaction from being anti-establishment. He finds perverse gratification in aiding the forces that aim to dismantle an existing order, whatever it may be: an order he neither approves of nor feels he belongs to.

The Useful Idiot is conflicted and dishonest. He fails to look inside himself and discover the causes of his own problems and unhappiness while he readily enlists himself in causes that validate his distorted perception.

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Wilders gets standing ovation in Melbourne

Controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders received two standing ovations in Melbourne during an hour-long speech in which he depicted a grim future for Australia under the rule of Islamic law.
Part of his speech in Melbourne:

Several hundred  560 people who attended the speech were confronted by a large small but very noisy and aggressive group of vocal protesters ferals and some were pushed to the ground as they tried to enter the hall at Somerton to hear the Dutchman, who has round-the-clock protection.

Wilders has previously made denigrating statements about the prophet of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

(These 1.5 billion Muslims say that unbelievers (that’s us) are the vilest of creatures who must be  subjugated or  killed. Strange that this coin never drops into the journalistic mental mush).

Here is Vicky Jensen with yet another  ABC dimbulb who must be living under a rock. (Podcast)

Protestors Rabid rent-a crowd ferals demonstrate against Wilders

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast: 19/02/2013

PROTESTERS  Ferals clashed violently with police and guests tonight before a speech by controversial anti-Muslim Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

Protesters  Radical commies from the Socialist Alliance and “Friends of Palliswine”  called Dutch MP Geert Wilders a racist as he calls for end to mass migration from Islamic countries

Activists These lunatics pushed and shoved guests to stop them entering, and linked arms to try to form a blockade.


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