Wilders Downunder: “disproportionate number of Jews” spotted!

Does Islam pose a threat to the West?

Go back to sleep folks! It can never happen here: CHIP LE GRAND from The Australian gives us the politically correct suppository:

No,  Chip: Wilders didn’t ‘chose’- that’s the only venue we could get after 30 cancellations:

IT is hard to imagine a more incongruous place for Geert Wilders to introduce himself to Australia. Beyond the edge of town, at the end of a flat, single-lane road surrounded by damp paddocks, Wilders chose a Dutch-themed wedding and reception venue for his public coming out.  (More)


Wilders is “divisive!”

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Free Speech is Not Negotiable!

Australia needs a First Amendment

When Freedom of Speech is gone, nothing can be gained without violence.

Australia’s new authoritarians (Andrew Bolt)

The Gillard government is responding to the collectivist instincts of those intellectuals who hold liberty in low regard. It isn’t so long ago that an academic floated the idea that we “suspend democracy” to silence climate change sceptics. Authoritarian government appeals to these people. (Former ABC chairman Maurice Newman on the Gillard Government assault on your right to speak freely)

Then there is the Globull Worming cult:

Unsettled Science

The global warming cult appeals to closet totalitarians and salvation seekers. It gives them permission to do almost anything to anybody – and to break whatever laws – on the grounds that the threat is so great and the opponents so manifestly evil.

Babes for bombers! Houris for haters!

#MyJihad in the UK: Three Muslims convicted of plotting jihad mass murder attack bigger than 9/11 and 7/7

Andrew Bolt:

Not the way to prove Wilders wrong

Three British Muslim men have been found guilty of planning a string of bombings that prosecutors said could have been deadlier than the attacks on London’s transport network in 2005…

Police said it was the most significant terrorist plot to be uncovered in Britain since the 2006 conspiracy to blow up transatlantic airliners using bombs in drink containers. (And none of the three plots had anything to do with Islam, right?)

Freedom comes first for Brandis

He told the president of the AHRC, Gillian Triggs: “It is as if your agency is not really a human rights commission at all but an anti-discrimination commission.”


THE Australian Human Rights Commission is slated for far-reaching changes in its culture, priorities and operational methods under a Coalition government, with opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis determined to transform the debate about human rights in Australia.

Brandis has long believed that “the greatest single intellectual blunder by the Right since World War II was to cede the human rights agenda to the Left”

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Shocka: Wilders doesn’t preach hatred…!?

Victoria’s yuman rites spokesturd Chin Tan is looking forward to complaints so that he can inflict terror on free speechers:

CONTROVERSIAL anti-IslamicDutch MP Geert Wilders may have created a lot of heat during his Melbourne visit this week, but no complaints have been received by the state’s human rights watchdog.

Victorian Multicultural Commission chairman Chin Tan had warned that Mr Wilders faced possible prosecution under the state’s religious hatred laws if his comments were out of line.

Mr Chin Tan should be prosecuted for treason & subversion. The freedom of speech is non-negotiable. He is welcome to piss off to China or wherever he came from if he wishes to live under a totalitarian system.

Sydney seeing ‘Islamisation’, Wilders says

 Firebrand Dutch MP Geert Wilders has told supporters in Sydney’s west that the ideology of Islam is dangerous, while claiming Australia is seeing an “Islamisation” of its cities. (22 Feb 2013)

# Story and video at SBS thanks to Mullah

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