99.5% of Australia’s Politicians Don’t Care For the Future of The Nation

Stupidity, Greed & Fear Dowunder

Australian polit-props from both sides of the aisle have chosen to boycott the visit from  an outspoken politician from a friendly nation and one of our oldest allies in Europe:  Geert Wilders. Geert,  for almost a decade now, is forced to live in hiding and under 24/7 police protection thanks to the soldiers of allah who’d like nothing more than cut his throat.

Fear doesn’t need a visa, and it’s on tour already

Paul Sheehan/Sydney Morning Herald columnist

Two of the films nominated for best picture in the coming Academy Awards, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, contain warnings, with plenty of creative licence but also plenty of historical accuracy, about the challenge to democracy posed by a resurgent strain of uncompromising Islam.

The threat has been deemed real enough in the Netherlands, which now has more than a million Muslims in a nation of 16.7 million people, for a million Dutch voters – one in seven – to vote for the Party for Freedom, led by Geert Wilders, who will be making a lecture tour in Australia later this month.

Four years ago, in an interview with ABC Radio, Wilders was asked why he wanted to curb Muslim immigration to the Netherlands. He said the integration of Muslims was failing:

”If you look at all the statistics, you see that non-Western people, often from … Morocco and Turkey … are over-represented many, many times when it comes to crime, when it comes to prison population, when it comes to illiteracy, when it comes to dependency on social benefits.

”We see also in the second-biggest city of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, that in three years’ time the majority will be from non-Western backgrounds. You see in the same city, and most of the south … 55 per cent of the Moroccan youth under the age of 24 have been in contact with the police. You see that there are more mosques being built than churches. You see that once again the Dutch people are tolerant … but they fear for the identity of their own country.”

All of this is contested territory. Muslims protest about being lumped in with the fundamentalist fringe. They protest, too, that traditional problems associated with immigration are conflated with Muslims.

What is not contested is that a dangerous Islamic fringe (?) is active in numerous countries. Wilders will be accompanied to Australia by five Dutch police officers. He lives under permanent 24-hour security.

Fear has arrived here before him. On Wednesday, the organiser of the tour, Debbie Robinson, told me yet another venue had cancelled and there had been another act of corporate suppression directed at the tour.

”This morning the venue in Sydney cancelled. There was a meltdown. The events manager at the venue was screaming. Right now we have no Sydney venue.”

It was not her only setback. ”Yesterday PayPal froze the funds in the account that is processing ticket sales. They will not tell me why. All staff keep saying is the account is under review. It’s been like an Orwellian nightmare.”

This follows a refusal by Westpac to allow her to set up a payment system and refusal by more than a dozen venues to host a Wilders event, citing security concerns.

The first attempt at a lecture tour last year was cancelled due to visa problems. The then minister for immigration Chris Bowen delayed granting a visa until after the cancellation.

This was just the start. On January 21, the president of the Q Society, Geoff Dickson, sent an invitation to 830 state and federal politicians in all parliaments: ”On behalf of Q Society of Australia I would like to issue you a warm invitation to attend one of the speaking engagements we are offering to listen to the Honourable Geert Wilders.”

The invitation said Wilders would be speaking in Melbourne on February 19, Perth on February 20 and Sydney on February 22.

”Mr Wilders is a Dutch politician who heads the Party for Freedom, which won 10.1 per cent of votes in the Dutch House of Representatives at the September 2012 elections. Mr Wilders will be here to share his experiences on how Islam is changing the Netherlands in particular and Europe more generally.

”Q Society is a volunteer, Australia-wide organisation whose charter is to educate Australians as to how Islam may change this country … We believe Islam is different from other religions and poorly understood …

”If, in 20 years, some Australian politicians are living under armed guard because of comments they have made about Islam, we believe we would have failed as individuals, and collectively as a society, to protect our democracy and our freedom.”

Of the 830 invitations sent out, only four were accepted. The other 99.5 per cent of politicians declined or did not respond.

Robinson is disheartened by all the fearfulness. ”The Sydney event may have to be cancelled if I can’t even get a venue. I’ll have to refund everyone. This is supposed to be a democracy but something Orwellian is going on.”


We must call the criminal Labor  mob and their Green enablers out on  the treason they committed  on the Australian people.  The Red-Green cabal have sold the birthright of our children. And he most  terrifying thing is that we don’t hear a word from the so-called opposition.

From Rita:

Only 2.1 % of the Australian population are muslim, so far.  Yet, Australia seems to be simpering and running with fear already? No accommodation can be found to receive a duly elected  member of parliament of one of the oldest democracies in Europe? The leader of the 3rd largest political party of Holland. 
 Are Australians THAT cowardly? Or are the threads caused by such a tiny minority of muslims THAT big?
I am ashamed for Australia, and fearful for any little Anne Frank that would seek help in a country so cowardly.

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  1. The treatment of the Q-society with regard to the visit of Mr. Wilders is quite alarming. I am going to bet the the individuals behind the problems are muslims, or linked to the muslim community in some fashion. People, please write to your local MPs etc – you can consider this as a test run to silence your opinions, regardless of whether you share Mr. Wilders point of view or not. The consequences of the actions of the people who have removed permission for venues, or Pay-Pal who have interfered with the Q-Society account are, in the final analysis, criminal and the people responsible need to be taken to task. This can only be done if you people get involved!!

  2. Westpac staffers started abusing me when i inquired about problems transacting on simple things last year , and it ended with a westpac staffer cancelling my account , i did not even get to empty it , Westapac client services then stated that seeing i was not a customer any more they would not accept a complaint , no use trying to call the Banking ombudsmans office , as they simply called me racist too , the so called independant NGO thats supposed to support people who have issues with their bank.

    Islam dictates and the companys roll over here , government too

    thats not Australian , but then neither is islam .

    so bloody sad to see that these so called big and strong companies become tools of thuggery when islam is involved

    and worse still that a call to the ombudsman gets you nothing but verbal abuse , and from there , there is no venue to complain , they steal my pityful balance and think they have won , westpac should be renames crescent pac or jihad pac as thats what they seem to support

    and the rest , should hang their head in shame

    but the bright side is we have new nominations for dhimmi of the year , WESTPAC and its staff .

  3. Jack,
    If enough people complain Westpak will have to listen – and yes – now that you mention Westpak my memory suggest that the problem may be due to an overpromoted muzz.

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