Adelaide: Islamic College Orders Teachers to Wear the Freedom Sack or Else….

Now you know who rules Australia.

But who will go to court, in the U.S. or Australia or anywhere else, to protect the right of women and girls not to wear the hijab and to punish those who would deny it?  (JW)


South Australia’s biggest Islamic school warns Muslim and non-Muslim teachers that they’ll be fired if they don’t wear hijab to school functions

And we are told its all about “choice”.

It will be interesting to see if any of the tossers in government  will man up and speak out against this outrage. It is particularly galling that every Fatima and every Muhammad between Ayers Rock and Timbuktu will swear by the prophets beard  that the wearing of the hideous shrouds are entirely voluntary, but what we are seeing here is that the local Muselmaniacs are enforcing the sharia.

The Muslims of West Croydon are making a mockery of  everything we hold dear.

Teachers at Islamic College of South Australia’s West Croydon campus ordered to wear hijab or face sack

SOUTH Australia’s biggest Islamic school has warned teachers, including many non-Muslims, that they will lose their jobs if they do not wear a hijab to school functions and outings.  (Newscom thanks to Mullah)

Up to 20 non-Muslim female teachers, who do not wish to be named, have been told they will be sacked from the Islamic College of South Australia’s West Croydon campus after three warnings if they do not wear a headscarf to cover their hair.

The order, from the school’s governing board and chairman Faruk Kahn, contradicts the policy of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

Mr Kahn yesterday referred The Advertiser to AFIC for comment on the matter. “I have no comment … I think you better go to AFIC, they are the only ones that are to make comment,” Mr Kahn said.

School principal Kadir Emniyet did not return calls.

AFIC assistant secretary Keysar Trad said the policy was at odds with the national federation, but it was powerless to intervene.

“I’m aware there’s a policy at that school with respect to the scarf,” Mr Trad said.

“The AFIC policy is not to require any teacher to observe the hijab. In SA, the board itself has decided they want to operate in their way and we are not allowed to interfere in the matter.

“We maintain that staff should dress modestly but not be required by the nature of policy to wear the hijab.”

Mr Trad said that matters of unfair dismissal resulting from teachers disobeying the school’s hijab policy should be referred to Fair Work Australia.

“It’s confusing for our children to see their teachers wearing the scarf in school and then they take it off when they are out shopping and the children see them there,” he said.

“It is also a respect thing for our staff. If they are not Muslim they should not be forced to dress as Muslim.”

One long-term teacher at the Islamic College of SA said a new school board was now “forcing teachers to put hijabs back on”.

“There’s no discussion … you wear it or you’re fired,” the teacher said. “The teachers have always adhered to the policies and we are respectful of that.

“We are respectful of their religion but they are not going to respect us.”

The college has about 800 students and 40 staff.

Guidelines from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils to other Islamic schools do not require teachers to wear hijabs.

Glen Seidel, state secretary of the Independent Education Union, said the union was monitoring the policy.

“Essentially it means female staff have to wear a scarf covering most of their hair, and not have legs and arms exposed,” he said.

“In 2012, the requirement was being managed moderately, but with a new principal in 2013 enacting the decisions of a very conservative school board, there is no room for compromise.”

Mr Seidel said the union’s view is staff should be free to decide whether to wear a scarf.

“The ultimate test would be in an unfair dismissal action to see if that requirement would be considered a `reasonable direction’ and the termination therefore being reasonable.

“This is not a matter (in which) religious organisations are exempted from equal opportunity legislation in order to not cause offence to the `adherents of the faith’,” Mr Seidel said.

“Non-Islamic staff are not being discriminated (against) in their employment as it is the same code for all.

“Non-Islamic staff can, however, feel rightly aggrieved that they are being coerced to adopt the dress code of a religion to which they do not belong.”

16 thoughts on “Adelaide: Islamic College Orders Teachers to Wear the Freedom Sack or Else….”

  1. ONE LAW FOR ALL !! and that should mean equal under AUSTRALIAN LAW, no Sharia…We need to call for NO SHARIA {Islamic Law) legislation, banning all foreign laws that would try to be equal or above our own Federal Laws..

  2. But we have been told there is no Sharia law in Australia, haven’t we?

    This is another case of Sharia law trumping Australian law, such as prayer rooms for the AFL.

    Legal pluralism rules.
    Freedom of religion = freedom to invoke Sharia law.

    Of course Mohammed ordered women to wear the veil (it is not by choice).
    After raiding Khybar in May of 628AD, killing the men including Kinana, stealing booty and raping Safiyya, the young wife of Kinana, Mohammed came up with this beauty.

    [Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 523] Narrated Anas bin Malik:
    “The Prophet stayed with Safiya bint Huyai for three days on the way of Khaibar where he consummated his marriage with her. Safiya was amongst those who were ordered to use a veil”.

  3. “We are respectful of their religion but they are not going to respect us.”

    Welcome to the real world of Muslim racism and arrogance love.

    You think this sort of contempt is just for you teachers? Think again- that’s how they view the entire Australian population from the top to the bottom, whatever race or non Islamic religion.

  4. Whats that saying, for evil to triumph all it takes is for good men to do nothing!! Make sure your govt rep is NOT the latter.

  5. Follow the money …

    A Commonwealth audit has identified poor record keeping in relation to transactions between the schools and AFIC, and a lack of proper documentation, or no documentation, of rental arrangements at the Islamic College of Canberra and Islamic College of South Australia. It said rental payments ”appear to be above market value at the Islamic College of Brisbane”.

    Read more:

  6. Islam believes it is a law unto itself and that is why Islam and it’s followers will never integrate into Australian society.
    The politicians will do nothing because they all compete for the Muslim vote. Where have all Australia’s statesmen gone?

  7. Interesting. I built five major buildings and extensions at this Islamic College over a six year period. During that time there were two principals, a non muslim, under whom the headscarves were worn, and the last principal, Julia Abdelale , a muslim, under whom the non-muslim teachers were allowed to go without. Of all the schools I have worked in on construction sites, this was probably the best, certainly in comparison with a public high school where students thought it was alright to throw food at hard working tradies & break in and vandalise the site (these clowns got caught). Over six years I had one similar incident at the Islamic College and the perpetrator was found and apologised. Not so the public high idiots. All in all, I found the staff and students at the Islamic College friendly and cheerfully well adjusted. Like any immigrant family, the new generation didn’t seem to want to follow the older generation’s rules too closely (which was easy to tell) and no doubt they will become as good a part of our multicultural society as any other “wave” of immigrants such as we all are – the new hardline Board is likely to be a result of the kind of voting membership many voluntary organisations are made up of, which often turns out to be a committed and organised, often ageing, minority who know their way around the rule book. They might have power at the moment, but they aren’t really reflective of the membership and in time they will be replaced. Still, it is fair that people in wider society protest at the current headscarf (not Hijab) ruling, after all, this is a democracy for better or worse, and that College is a private business in a free country and that’s what a lot of ANZACs have died for.

    Bring on the hate mail.

    1. So your work was bought and paid for by Australian taxpayers for which a government of imbeciles took credit.

      Name one country that has prospered through Muslim immigration.

      Name one!

      “that College is a private business in a free country and that’s what a lot of ANZACs have died for.”



      Private business is private business.

      This is about Mohammedan indoctrination and infiltration; this is about making a free country, a free society slaves of allah. The ANZAC’s didn’t die for that. They fought for keeping us free.

  8. Zoom Strange,
    Sheik is correct – answer his questions. Incidentally, Australian Taypayers funded the construction at this islamic school, and they were not consulted about whether they wanted to give money to these parasites. I feel the same way, and if you are a muslim tradesman I would not employ you or even let you into my home. My people first, and muslims are NOT AUSTRALIAN and NEVER WILL BE. This point of view has been reached, not because of skin colour or language, but because of the way muslims behave.

  9. Interesting.

    You claim to be a modest builder, yet you seem to know an awful lot of exacting and internal details about the school….for a builder.

  10. “During that time there were two principals, a non muslim, under whom the headscarves were worn, and the last principal, Julia Abdelale , a muslim, under whom the non-muslim teachers were allowed to go without.”

    l find this statement interesting. Under one Principal headscarves were worn., but you don’t say whether this was by Muslim teachers or ALL teachers. Then under the last Principal non-Muslim teachers were allowed to go without. So does that mean that Muslim teachers were forced to wear hijabs even though we are constantly told that it is an individual woman’s right to choose?

    l like that. You can choose if you wear a hijab or not, as long as you wear a hijab!!

  11. Hill
    I agree, and I suspect that its firm got the contracts because they were linked to the muslim community in some way – as for Zoom Strange – it seems that it is a muslim or muslim apologist. In any case, in no way will a second rate muslim tradesperson be allowed into my house.

  12. @kaw


    I enjoyed the rant.

    I especially liked, Australian school kids are bad versus the Muslim school kids are good bit. I see perpetuating the same old, same old. Muslims are the (insert snicker here) best, whilst all unbelievers are baaad!

    Too bad they don’t stay that way, once they’re released onto the streets of Australia.

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